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Posted on February 12, 2008

An earlier report straight from the mouth of Monte, Soulfly’s A&R man. “They are in the studio as we speak, and have a about 5 songs tracked so far, plus a few cover songs. Roy Mayorga is officially back in the band and is out there with them. The only 2 song titles I have are “Downstroy” and “Enterfaith”. They are recording at Chaton Studios in Phoenix, with Max producing and Otto “Rusty” D’Agnolo engineering. They should be done in approx. 5 weeks. It is not yet know who will mix the LP.” Remember that 3 song demo we told you that Max was working on? Well, it’s complete and in house and the cause of some new excitement here at Roadrunner… As told, it was produced by Max Cavalera himself. Greg Hall (ex-Sacred Reich) guested on the drums and Danny Marianino (from the Phoenix band Northside Kings) added some guitar and bass tracks. Recording took place at Chaton Studios in Phoenix, with Otto “Rusty” D’Agnolo engineering. Rusty has a long history with Max, having recorded the legendary Nailbomb album Pointblank back in 1994, as well as the Sabbath cover “Under The Sun” that appeared on the LP Nativity In Black II last year. Here’s a quick rundown on the songs: 1. “Downstroy” – a future Soulfly classic with a driving riff on the verse that is reminiscent of “Eye For An Eye” with a “Chaos A.D.”-era guitar tuning. 2. “Enterfaith” – a more “Primitive”-style track with a monster hook and some adventurous vocals by Max. 3. “I Will Refuse” – a ferocious cover of the Pailhead song. Max played all instruments on this one, cepting for the drums. A while ago we wrote that Max Cavalera, founder of Soulfly, was heading into the studio to start some preliminary stuff stuff on his own for the recording of the upcoming Soulfly release. Also, that he may be producing the effort himself. Well, we have been true to our word. Max has recorded the better portions of three songs, all in demo fashion. Two of the tracks are originals and the third being a cover track of a song called “I Will Refuse” by Pailhead. Word is that these initial demos Max is doing are sick (in a good way). “I cannot even begin to tell you how sick they are,” exclaimed someone close to the project. As hinted earlier, Max is looking at possibly producing the new effort on his own, which is the main reason for recording these three demos – so Max can go in and get a feel of the studio. interesting fact – the same guy whom engineered the Nailbomb effort, Otto D’Agnolo, is doing the same in the studio with Max right now. Vocals for the three tracks were said to be completed Oct 3, with mixing taking place over the last couple days of this week. Doubt we’ll be able to share these demos with you, but that is what is goin’ on right now… Oh, did you know that back in August Max jammed with a band called The Cremains? Word is they are a Navajo Indian band. At a Navajo Indian Reservation in Tuba City, Arizona, in the USA, Max joined them on stage for “Roots” and “Boom”. Did you go to the UK Ozzfest in May 2001? See our exclusive photos of live Slipknot & Soulfly, plus the Soulfly Signing Session at the Kerrang! tent! Can you see yourself in any of them? You might remember a previous mention that the film “Driven” – written by, produced by, and starring Sylvester Stallone – will be using Junkie XL’s track “Legion”. Did we mention Sylvester Stallone is in the movie? Well, now the trailer for this film will be using Junkie XL’s “Def Beat” along with Soulfly’s track “Bleed”, off their self titled debut release. The trailer for the film “The Forsaken” by Sony Screen Gems will be using Coal Chamber’s “Loco” and Soulfly’s “Mulambo”. Marcello, bassist of Soulfly, sat down for an interview with emuse-ic after sound check at the Newport Music Hall in Ohio, USA. Half of the text relaying Marcello’s answers are actually links which you can click on to hear Marcello speak the answers himself. Well worth a peak. Check it out HERE (www.emuseic.com/April_2/Soulfly_page1.html).


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