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Dana Dentata

Joey Jordison Laments

Posted on February 12, 2008

“Aw, man, the most fucked-up one that there ever was-and I kinda almost don’t like to say anything, because it was horribleí¢ä‰åäówe were playing in Hamburg, Germany and we had this idea. We’d never played the actual song “Iowa” off of Iowa, the title track, which is the last song on the record. We’d never played it live, so we were gonna do a half-hour version of it. So we got drunk and fucked-up before we did it because the song’s really mental and it’s really syrupy and shit. And then at the very end, though, we got cold feet and decided to do the whole set. But by that time Corey was so fucked-up he couldn’t remember the words to any of the songs. So it was just a horrible fuckin’ show. He was soooo drunk, dude. I mean we were all…I mean I stopped drinkin’ once I knew we were gonna be changing the set, so I was alright and everyone else was alright, but our singer was fuckin’ ripped. He had, like, no fuckin’ shoes on and between songs he’d say the stupidest shit ’cause he didn’t even know where he was. The thing that sucks the most is that we let them [the fans] down. It just really sucked because those kids had been waitin’ a long time to see us and they fuckin’ come to see us and we just completely blow. It wasn’t good. So when we go back to Hamburg this time around, we’re definitely gonna fuckin’ school it, pay ’em back, you know?” Read the full interview HERE


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