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Joey Jordison And The Phantasm Car

Posted on February 12, 2008

During a discussion with Joey Jordison about the upcoming Murderdolls release, the subject got diverted to cars…and that is where we pick up with the conversation, for a bit of Joey’s insight: Joey – …it’s definitely the Phantasm car. You’ve seen that movie? Roadrunner – The Phantasm what? (spoken with slight hesitation) Joey – The Phantasm car. You’ve never seen Phantasm? (spoken with 70% strict authority and 30% disbelief) Roadrunner – Noooo…(spoken with even more hesitation, and softer) Joey – You’re killing me! (spoken loud, very loud…with more authority) Roadrunner – ahhh, no. Joey – Ahhh man, go rent it – that’s one of the best horror movies of all time. That’s what we’re referring to in the song “Dead In Hollywood”, ‘HEY TALL MAN, JUST TAKE MY HAND, AND LEAD ME TO YOUR RED PLANET.’ Roadrunner – uh huh. Joey – The tall man’s the fuckin’, basically one of the most classic horror film characters in all history. But that’s the main car that’s driven in there, a ’72 Barracuda Hemi. To hear exactly what Joey is talking about, be sure to check out the MP3 HERE. As far as the movie Phantasm goes, we leave you with its tagline, “If this one doesn’t scare you, you’re already dead!”


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