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Icons Of Fright

Posted on February 12, 2008

Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell recently spoke to Icons of Fright about his love of the horror genre, comics, the band’s soundtrack contributions and what films inspire him and the rest of the group. Several clips follow: Icons of Fright: What do you consider some of your favorite horror films and why? “Wow. Um, well again, ‘Nosferatu’. The original. It’s still the top film for me. Because the cinematography and the bleak, dark imagery still freaks me out. I love it. That’s probably my number one horror film. Um, the original ‘Alien’ is still up there. It’s fantastic. With the H.R. Giger beast and the story itself and the fact that Ridley Scott did it was just amazing. I like the original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. You’ve got something somewhat based upon a true story, a legend. Great costumes and film work. Great movie. I even enjoyed the American remake of ‘The Ring’.” Icons of Fright: Do horror films, or films & art in general have any influence on your songwriting process? “I’m influenced in many ways. By books, by films, by stories. And films have always been a large factor in the influencing of my writing, in the ideas & the concepts of a FEAR FACTORY song. For instance, the movie ‘The Terminator’ was a big influence early on with the records ‘Demanufacture’. ‘Fear Is The Mindkiller’. That kind of thing. ‘The Book Of Dune’ had a big influence. ‘Blade Runner’ had a HUGE influence on me. There’s so many more ideas that come from movies and the concepts of films. So, yea. I do get inspired not just by horror or sci-fi, but by films in general. “The movie ‘Contact’ had a big influence in the writing of the record ‘Obsolete’. The idea of loneliness and humanity reaching out. Carl Sagan wrote the book ‘Contact’ and the movie was made, and it totally inspired me. Movies get my ideas and thought process rolling. I see them and they spark something inside me to get me to create something. I get inspired by films of ALL genres.” Read Burton C. Bell’s entire interview with Icons of Fright HERE.


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