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Unto Others

HP Sauce – Part 2 – The Mustache Tour

Posted on February 12, 2008

Monday April 7, 2003. The day that Killswitch Engage played Birmingham, supported by Poison The Well & Beecher, at the Academy 2. Thanks to Paul Clarkin, street teamer, for the below words on the night! Oh what a fun night! The meet and greet went well… We went in and met the band who were just come back from grabbing a coffee from Starbucks. Howard was feeling a bit under the weather so was resting before the show but the rest kept us entertained. I mentioned HP sauce and Adam’s ears picked up! “Where where??” he said! we chatted about it for ages, aboput how great it is! Some “non-belivers” had the cheek to slag off HP and Adam was offended!! I told him I may get him a late birthday present during the show -) I went out after the meet, and handed flyers out while heading to Sainsburys. I got a sandwich, and a bottle of HP!!! During the KSE set, the band stopped to chat about how they loved England, Howard mentioned it was Adam’s birthday a few days ago and the crowd sang him happy birthday! Adam said how he was inlove with brown sauce…at which point I waved the bottle at him! He spotted it like a drunk spots a half discarded can of Special Brew! He said something along the lines of “This guy has brought me the best present…A bottle of brown sauce!” I threw it onstage and he promptly took a huge swig of it! This was in addition to coming onstage with a big furry thing attached to his top lip, making him look like Super Mario! The set was superb, my ears are still ringing! The pit was mental, quite violent at times. The support were brilliant, Poision the Well were great. Some of the guys came out after the show, and Adam thanked me again for the bottle of HP. No problem dude, enjoy it!”


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