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Hangin’ Out With Nickelback

Posted on February 12, 2008

Hot off the email… thanks for writing in Verity. Have a great Christmas. Hey guys!! I was just reading how Sam won the VIP trip to meet Nickelback next month so I thought I’d share my experiences of meeting the band with you all!! Well, we went to the concert at Sheffield on Nov 25th!! The gig was absolutely killer… I’ve never seen anything like it!! So anyway after the show we decided to hang around the backstage gates in the hope of getting the slightest glimpse of Chad!! So we waited and waited with about 10 other people and suddenly the security guy just dissappears!! Unable to resist the urge, we went through the barrier and over to the tour bus!! I wasnt really expecting to see anything, but I look over to my right and Ryan Peake’s coming towards us!! He was such a nice guy..he even warmed everyones hands for them (it was about -10 degrees!!). So I got a photo with him and he signed my tour programme….he had a bottle of American bud in his hand so he put it down between his feet so no-one knocked it over! Then when he’d chatted to everyone he got on the tour bus and Hawk (Chad’s bodyguard) asked us very politely to stand behind the barriers! So we did, and about an hour later when the madness was setting in as well as hypothermia, Chad came out!! The arena security were in a flap when we went over to him but he just said ‘no it’s fine!’ and called us over!! This was one of those’I really dont believe this is happening’ moments!! He is SO gorgeous up close….very tall too!! I got a photo with him, then he signed my tour programme….he chatted for a few minutes and said ‘you guys are nuts!’ cos we’d been waiting for so long! Then I asked him for a kiss (I couldn’t resist!) and he goes ‘yeah sure!’ and I’m like ‘ooohhhhhh my god!!’ He’d obv had a few beers… I guess that’s why it took him so long to come out! He was so down to earth and friendly…he made time for everyone and said goodbye to everyone individually! I wish I’d spoken to him more, but I was totally in awe of him…..words escaped me!! We’re already planning the next tour and im determined to meet him again – and next time I’ll try and speak a bit more to him!! So Sam , I know you’re gonna have the best day ever when you meet them….don’t be nervous cos they’re total sweethearts!! Have a great time!! from Verity White


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