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Posted on February 12, 2008

We probe Dutch rockers, Within Temptation, and find out a little bit more about them PT 3 : Sharon den Adel 2.) AGE 31,but don’t mention it to anyone…lol. 3.) INSTRUMENT Vocalist 4.) ALL TIME FAVOURITE RECORD AND WHY? ‘The Choirgirl hotel’ -Tori Amos. Every song on the album is amazing and tells a story. Although her lyrics don’t always make sense, but with the emotion she sings it I somehow do understand it. Does this make sense…lol? Maybe after a glass of wine or two…lol. But seriously she an amazing singer. 5.) IF YOU WEREN’T A MUSICIAN WHAT WOULD YOU BE? I’d probably be into Fashion Management, which was my daytime job before we could become full-time musicians 6.) INTERESTING FACT THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU? I’m trying to be a vegetarian. I’ve not eaten red meat for more than seven years. Once a week I eat white meat like turkey/chicken or fish. 7.) BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER HEARD? If you don’t believe in or are proud of yourself no-one else will. So you better be proud and believe in yourself…lol and don’t wait for someone else to give you that. It all starts with you. 8.) PERSON (DEAD OR ALIVE) THAT YOU WOULD MOST LIKE TO SHARE A ONE TO ONE WITH? Mr.Gandhi 9.) YOUR FAVOURITE TRACK FROM THE FORTHCOMING ALBUM, THE SILENT FORCE? ‘Somewhere’, ‘Aquarius’ and the b-side track called ‘Towards the end’ all there it is a combination of lyrics and music and vocal lines which make the most restless in a good way. 10.) WHAT DO YOU HOPE PEOPLE CAN TAKE FROM THE ALBUM? For Robert and me it was the most heavy album so far, meaning that we were inspired a lot about what happened after september 11 in the world. All the terrorism in Russia, Madrid, everything that happened in Iraq but also in our own country, Holland. Besides that we are also concerned about the climate changes and that the US (amongst others) still didn’t sign the Kyoto treaty. We are not a political band, but we were inspired by these issues. We tried to write about it in our own way. I think ‘Stand my ground’ and ‘Forsaken’ are the best examples.


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