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Get On Your Horse And Ride

Posted on February 12, 2008

Last night, Theory Of A Deadman performed their debut UK show, supporting 3 Doors Down at the London Shepherds Bush Empire. If you were there, you’d have heard the following: Invisible Man, What You Deserve, Say I’m Sorry, Point To Prove, The Last Song, Any Other Way, Nothing Could Come Between Us, Make Up Your Mind, and Leg To Stand On. One person who was there, Sam Proctor, had the following to say about it: “Ever since I bought their debut album back in September 2002, I’d wanted to see these guys live. Tonight was the night, with them making their only UK appearance in support of 3 Doors Down. Anyone that’s heard the album will know that Theory are a band full of contrasts, rip roaring guitars, and lyrics which just grab hold of you and never let go. This was going to be one hell of a gig. Before their opening set, myself and my fellow teamers that turned up for the show, got to watch Theory doing their soundcheck. We then got taken up to the dressing room to meet the guys. We were introduced to Tim (drums), Dean (bass) and David (guitar). Tyler was otherwise engaged, but we were told we’d get to meet him later. Tim, Dean and David were absolutely fantastic – really friendly and chatty. They signed our CDs and posters and had a good laugh at our quaint English sayings :-), such as ‘crickey’ and ‘cracking’! After about 15 minutes, it was time to let them get ready for the show, so we went through to the stage area to grab a good spot. At about 8pm the guys came on stage. Right from the start these guys were on top form. Tyler’s voice was strong and solid and it soared effortlessly through each song. From the melodic likes of ‘The Last Song’, through to the crowd jumping rockness of ‘Leg To Stand On’, you simply couldn’t fault him. There was energy abound from Dean on bass and David on guitars. Both ripped their way across the stage, engaging the crowd and recognising faces and banners up in the balcony. Dean interacted with the crowd especially well and got people jumping and throwing ‘the horns’ at every opportunity. He was obviously enjoying every minute – if his smile had been any wider it wouldn’t have fitted on his face! Tucked away at the back was Tim on drums and even though he was at the back, he was still well and truly ‘there’. Singing away and keeping the guys together through some awesomely powerfully drumming. As well as delivering a cracking good set, there was lots of dialogue with the crowd and unlike a lot of support bands, Theory went down incredibly well. They had a great reception when they walked on stage and after every song, the whole place just erupted. Tracks that went down particularly well were ‘Nothing Could Come Between Us’, ‘Point to Prove’, ‘Any Other Way’ and ‘Leg To Stand On’. There were no flashy lighting effects or pyros, it was just four guys doing what they do best – playing rock as it should be. Theory of a Deadman are a hugely talented band. They have a fantastic debut album and have already gained a lot of new fans across Europe through supporting 3 Doors Down. Do yourself a favour, if you haven’t heard Theory yet, go down to your local record store and buy their album NOW! You won’t regret it. After their set, we got to go up to the dressing room again to meet the guys once more, this time including Tyler. He was as charming as the others and as we thought, incredibly tall :-). Tyler signed our CDs and we obviously got photos taken with all of them. We thanked them for a great performance and said that we really hope they come back soon for a headlining tour. They said that it may be a possibility that they play at the UK Festivals as they are talking about playing some of the European ones, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Fingers crossed eh? Anyway, we said our goodbyes and went to watch 3 Doors Down. On the way down the stairs from the dressing room, I nearly bump into the lead singer of 3 Doors Down! He seemed really nice, but may have been a little offended when I called him Todd instead of Brad! Whoops – sorry! I said their album was really good and that I was looking forward to hearing them live, so hopefully that made up for it! In conclusion, a fantastically enjoyable night – thank you RR and thank you Theory of a Deadman! One last thing – the picture of the band on the CD really doesn’t do them justice. On the CD they all look a bit scary, but in actual fact they are all incredibly cute and very attractive – especially Dean! :-)”


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