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Posted on February 12, 2008

Trivium’s Corey checks in from the road:

Hey everyone:

Checking in from Europe again! We've got a day off today so I felt like unloading some info on ya of what has been going on lately.

After the crazy Ireland & UK tour we ventured into mainland Europe for the first time headlining and so far it's been fantastic.

All the shows have been rocking with some really memorable ones Berlin, Warsaw, Stockholm,Paris (hottest show ever!) and I'm sure the upcoming shows will not dissapoint too!

Besides the shows all of guys in all the bands have been getting together to have some fun parties on this tour. In Hertford, Germany during the “metal” night at the club Jared (Sanctity) and myself proceded to get shitfaced and headbang and mosh with everyone in the club.

Then in Helsinki myself and Alexi from Children of Bodom got up on stage and rocked out with Annihilator to “King Of The Kill” (that was a blast).

The bus rides have been fun too since Sanctity have found a way to break their ice cream truck touring van, AGAIN!

So they've been joining us on the Trivium bus (we can't get rid of them!) so drinks have been flying. In Poland the roads aren't very smooth so after drinking a lot of vodka it was a challenge to play “first person to spill there drink gets punched” – Jared spilt about 10 seconds after the game started ha ha.

In Gothenburg, Sweden we meet up wtih some old touring friends Bjorn and Peter from In Flames and Sharlee from Arch Enemy and hung around on the bus having some drinks and shooting the shit just like old times ha ha.

The Annihilator guys are quite the bunch and for some reason at a certain point in the night they feel the urge to get naked and run around streaking, and it's not the best feeling when you turn around and see 5 naked Canadians running at you that shit is scary eh!

Alright well thats all i got for now, take care and see you at the shows!


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