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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 12, 2008

Chimaira hit the studio to record the yet-to-be-titled follow up to The Impossibility Of Reason on February 7th, and as of today the recording is about 98% complete. So after 6 weeks – and apparently only 4 sunny days whilst recording in the band’s hometown of Strongsville, OH – all that is left to do is “a couple vocals here and there, and Rob adding a few more solos,” tells frontman Mark Hunter from the studio. With the final completion of all the 13 songs that Chimaira has recorded imminent, Mark Hunter has granted us this exclusive interview and we made sure the questions counted. Read on: Roadrunner: We heard that Strongsville, OH is the original home of the wing nut, is this true? Mark Hunter: Of the wing nut? No man, home of the Mustangs. Roadrunner: Ever sneak into the pool at the Holiday Inn Select CLEVELAND-STRONGSVILLE? Mark Hunter: Yes. I have, actually. Dead serious. Roadrunner: Which member of N.W.A. do you feel most akin to? Mark Hunter: I would say Dr Dre…just because he is one of those control freaks in the studio, at least I’d imagine. He’s the HNIC, so am I. Roadrunner: Where is the best place for a young man to meet a nice young lady in Strongsville? Mark Hunter: Probably the High School, definitely the High School. Jim often combs the High School parking lots blasting N.W.A. thinking it’s modern, thinking people will think he is in touch with the youth. Roadrunner: What is a Rib Burn-off? Mark Hunter: Basically, in our town we have a town center…it’s a big open field, and every summer every restaurant that serves ribs gathers at this town center to makes ribs…there are judges, and there is a winner. Actually, true story – before the band I managed a rib joint named Geppepto’s, they were notorious for winning each year. Roadrunner: And will you be going to the Strongsville “Rib Burn-off” on June 23rd? Mark Hunter: hahaha…unfortunately, we’ll be in Europe. But, was there last year, and the year before that. Have tried getting a gig playing it! We thank Mark for his time, and wish Chimaira the best at getting a gig at next year’s Strongsville Rib Burn-off…let it be known that Styx and Kansas have played the Cleveland Rib Burn-off in years past (aka the holy Mecca of Rib Burn-offs). More Chimaira news, and tales from Rib Burn-offs past to follow.


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