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Full On Rare Fear Factory

Posted on February 12, 2008

Get yourself to the MUSIC section. Check out “Transgenic”. This piece is a remix by Technohead, actually what you call a ‘Gabber-style’ remix. It is based off the song “New Breed”, which previously appeared both on the “Burn” European single and as a bonus track on the Japanese version of Remanufacture (Cloning Technology). It also appeared on the European 12″ single “The Gabber Mixes,” where it was re-titled “New Breed (Steel Gun Mix)”. We give you “Refueled” – a remix as done by Junkie XL. This is an alternate remix of “H-K (Hunter Killer)”, and as with “Cyberdyne”, this song was an out-take of the Remanufacture (Cloning Technology) sessions. This too previously only appeared on the “Burn” European single. We give you “Cyberdyne”. This is actually a remix as done by Junkie XL – a remix of “H-K (Hunter Killer)”, which was originally meant to be included on the Remanufacture (Cloning Technology) album, but was cut due to an excess of material. It previously appeared on the “Burn” European single. So, our fearless Road Crew leader in the USA, Ro, is officially out in LA. He called about an hour ago. MTV’s TRL was on the tube, an interview with Hoobastank in the MTV studio was happening. Why do you care? Apparently one of the cats in the band was wearing a Brujeria t-shirt. Brujeria on MTV. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday… Speaking of Brujeria, Fear Factory’s guitarist Dino Cazares tells the following – a Brujeria side project has been formed. The name of the band is Asesino, which means assassin in Spanish. Asesino is actually a character from Brujeria…but you should already know that… Asesino’s purpose? To assassinate anyone that gets in Brujeria’s way – be it judges, cops, lawyers, whomever…ALSO, word is Asesino will perform a kidnapping here and there for ransom, tis a way to make a few extra bucks. It’s true. Does the above sound interesting? Well, most likely come June, Asesino will be releasing an album, titled Cyco Maton, which means ‘psycho killer’ in Spanish. “Hey Brujo,” Dino yells across the room during the phone call as he is explaining the meaning of Cyco Maton…why was that last line just written? No reason, except to make known the fact that Dino was hanging out with the infamous Juan Brujo…that’s right, Juan fuckin Brujo!!! (yes, that does deserve an exclamation point, even three) Anyway, the theme behind the upcoming Cyco Maton release is the life of Asesino – with no gory detail omitted, we’re sure. Fifteen songs have been written and recorded for this release – Dino on guitar, Fear Factory’s Raymond Herrera on drums, and Static X’s Tony Campos on vocals. What about the bass, you ask? Dino and Tony took turns on the tracks, as no full time bassist has been lined up as of yet. When and where you can get this release to follow. We give you “Descent”, the Falling Deeper Mix. As with the remix of “Edgecrusher” which we put yesterday, previously this cut was only available on the “Cars” European single. This track was remixed and engineered by Junkie XL. We give you “Edgecrusher”, the Urban Assault Mix. Previously, this cut was only available on the “Cars” European single. This track was remixed by Rhys Fulber and engineered by Junkie XL. Today’s offering, why it just so happens to be “Demolition Racer”. Yes, tis another song from the “Demolition Racer” video game. You may recognize a section of this song that later became the chorus of “Acres Of Skin”. Sound familiar? Listen for yourself. Though only 50 seconds in length, these are 50 seconds of music which will bite you in the ass. No doubt. Today’s offering is “Machine Debaser”. Produced by David Tickle & Fear Factory and mixed by Greg Reely back in June 1999, this song was one of four recorded for use in the video game “Demolition Racer”. Parts of it were later recycled and became the chorus of “Hurt Conveyer” and the bridge of “What Will Become?”. Sound familiar? Listen for yourself Did You Know? Christian Olde Wolbers, the bassist of Fear Factory, appears in Cypress Hill’s latest video – “Trouble”. It’s true. He also played bass for the band in the studio on the tracks “Trouble” and “Catastrophe”. True too. But, did you know, starting later this month when Cypress Hill hits the road with Linkin Park, Christian will be doing the live bass duties for Cypress Hill? True, true, true. Christian, break a leg! The ‘Linchpin’ single is out now. Tracklisting is as follows: 1. Linchpin 2. Frequency (brand new track – more info below) 3. Machine Debaser – (an instrumental done at the same time as “Full Metal Contact”, but parts of this song were later used for new songs on Digimortal) 4.Linchpin (video) Do you remember in the tour stories we mentioned the gal who puckered up for a ticket in Manchester? Well, we got an email from a friend of the lucky guy on the other side of those lips… his words go like this… hi. well our story goes like this.my friend (andrew mcevitt) and myself went around the back of the manchester academy to see if we could meet any of fear factory.me especially as they are one of my favourite bands.we actually met both raymond herrera and dino cazares.while we were with dino,a girl asked what she could do to get into the show for free… And that’s how single FF fan Andy made a new friend! Did they enjoy the show after that? After meeting dino and raymond we were on a high and that made the excellent show even better.fear factory were amazing live and very nice people too! Thanks for the explanation Ben! Check your postbox in a coupla days… anyone else out there with cool stories from the tour? Or just cool FF-related stories? This past summer Fear Factory hit the studio in LA and recorded a track called “Frequency”. The track was recorded and mixed in two days, for use in a game that was being developed – also titled Frequency. A game called Frequency will be put out for Sony PlayStation 2. A game like none other before it – a music mixing game. Though details of the full scope of this game go beyond our description, the basic concept behind this game is that you can re-mix songs by artists as if you are ‘the man’ in the studio. Fear Factory’s “Frequency”, which is the title track for this game, is one such song you can break down and build up. Word is there will be 25 songs total for you to be ‘the man’. Interesting fact: “Frequency” was recorded 4 months after Fear Factory’s latest release Digimortal was completed, making this the newest FF track out there… and it’s on the Linchpin single!!


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