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Dana Dentata

Fuck Yeah

Posted on February 12, 2008

All that I will tell you about the new Machine Head demo is that: THE GUITARS ARE FUCKIIIIIIIING BACK!!!!!! We’re talking B-I-G, fat, meaty, slicing fuckin’ guitars. The type of guitars that have the painful frequency that hurts your ears, and rips your head off in sweet, sweet, painful bliss. Ahrue eat your heart out. FUCK YEAH!!!!!! We’re talking guitars like concrete slabs. We’re talking drums like concussion mortars. We’re talking bass so heavy it’ll make your testicles / ovaries ache. We’re talking melodies so sad, and mellower moments so lonely, that you’re gonna weep tears of joy, in a fit of depressed glee, while babbling mindlessly with your thumb in your mouth, looking for your fucking nook-nook. FUCK YEAH!!!!! We’re talking Molten Metal Hot Lava from the Super Satanic Sacred Volcano located in the Bowels of Fucking Hell!!!!!!!! Or something…… And…… even some LEADS are back. And not just any old leads, we’re talking 2 part shredder leads ……. IN HARMONY!!!!! We’re talking sick, sick beats, with fills galore. We’re talking Adam doing a bass riff so crazy, it’s done with Eddie Van Halen finger taps, and Cliff Burton wah-wah. I call him Eddie Van Burton. FUCK YEAH!!!!!! UNLEASH THE KRACKEN!!!!!!! This shit’s like goddamn Master’s era – Metallica!……..only slower…….and not like Metallica. FUCK YEAH!!!!!!! In other news: Colin Richardson absolutely “RULED” the Live album. He made “HellaLive” sound in- fucking – credible. Plus, comin’ at cha’ soon, we have a kick ass video for “The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears”. Shot at the 2002 -With Full Force festival, it was MH’s “first ever” headlining festival slot, in front of 20,000 + maniacal “Head” fanatics, and it turned out really good. Last but not least, We have listened to your requests, we have heard your pleas, and, we have heeded your advice. Soon, we will be having a “Studio” section on the web site. With video footage, pictures, rehearsals, recording, snippets of new songs, weekly e-mail updates from the band, and bi-monthly video updates, that will essentially document the making of our new album from demos to album, with all the ups and downs in between. We are very excited about this, and want to thank everyone who pestered us to get off our butts and do this. Thank you fuckerz! FUCK YEAH!!!!!! AND ( just so I can say “fucking” one more time. ) THE RAIDERS!!!!! ARE IN THE FUCKIIIIIIING!!!!!!!! SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO – HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!! -Robert Flynn www.machinehead1.com


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