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Fixation On The Darkness

Posted on February 12, 2008

from the eyewitness account of our very own ‘Marketing Matt’ in the US: Killswitch Engage invaded Springfield, MA last Wednesday (Feb 19) to shoot a live video for the track “Fixation On The Darkness” – and they took no prisoners. The video, their third from their Roadrunner debut Alive Or Just Breathing, is a testament to the fury and passion that is a KsE live show. The band began shooting at 3 PM, running through the song about 10 or so times in various incarnations to ensure that the directors were able to get shots of each band member playing the shit out of his instrument (or screaming until veins bulged in his head, as in the case of Howard). It is amazing to witness their intensity. The band ripped through the song to a click track and an empty room as if they were playing to a sold out arena. At the same time, all the guys were in a great mood – each relishing his time offstage to mock the other poor saps who were running through the song for the umpteenth time. To watch this whole process take place is a pretty cool sight to behold. For all of the fury they seemed to capture on the run-throughs, nothing equaled the actual live performance. Everyone in attendance knew that a video was being shot that night (thanks to the sign outside the venue that read: Killswitch Engage Live Video Shoot Tonight – or something to that effect). The 300 or so kids that packed the room were just a tinderbox waiting for a match to strike. And that proverbial match was struck when Howard announced after the opener that “Fixation” was the song the video was being shot for and he urged the hometown crowd to go sick. And go sick they did. You will see it in the final product (which the first cut came in just today), but the kids stormed the stage, causing Adam to stand on his amp just so he had room to play. Howard braved the masses and clung to his microphone amidst the onslaught of KsE fans pulling at him. It was quite a moment to witness – seeing all of these fans just feeling the music and responding with such visceral intensity. Anyway, thanks to all of you who showed up (and sorry to all of you who were tuned away at the door). Look for the new KsE video “Fixation On The Darkness” to hit the web and airwaves some time in mid-March. In the meantime, check out KsE’s PHOTO GALLERY for a slew of pictures taken from the evening.


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