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downthesun Get Medicated

Posted on February 12, 2008

Check out the chillin’ new video for Medicated. What are you waiting for?! It’s in the VIDEO section. Nothing is ever easy with this band… “How are things?” started a conversation this afternoon with downthesun bassist Kuk. “Pretty tense, we’re leaving today,” Kuk quickly replied. Today. Today marks the start of downthesun’s first ever US tour…first ever tour for that matter. They will be meeting up with the rest of the H82k2 tour bill – Slayer, Soulfly, and In Flames – for the first show in San Jose, California. The crew picked up the van and trailer in Chicago earlier in the day, then up to Des Moines to pick up half the downthesun contingent, then to Kansas City to pick up the rest. After that, it’s off to Utah tonight, and San Jose the next morning. There will be ten traveling in the band all together. Ten. “We haven’t traveled extensively as a band. So it’s going to be a test for downthesun, just like everything else – nothing is easy about this band,” Kuk tells. Speaking of vans, Kuk remembers doing some regional touring in a van from a previous band…”it sucks,” he plainly tells as he goes into a story of their van catching on fire once, having to jump out, and put out the flames with water. They were later picked up by a Ryder truck, and then rode in the back of that truck (with the gear) in middle of summer from Nebraska to Kansas City…by the way, they arrived at show 5 minutes late, didn’t get to play that night. Ahhh, the glory of the road… But music is magic, and that is what it is all about – spreading the music. So, what will downthesun be listening to during their upcoming nationwide travels? “Let me open up my cd case,” says Kuk. “I am taking Killswitch Engage (Alive Or Just Breathing), Soilent Green, Slipknot, Pantera (Vulgar Display Of Power & Great Southern Trendkill), Deicide (In Torment In Hell), King Diamond (The Eye), a little Obituary, Van Halen 1984, VOD the green record, Testament (Low), Skinlab, I’ve got Black Sabbath, the very first record, because that’s where it all began, and KISS Destroyer, because that was the first record I ever owned – I was 7.” And what does Kuk expect from the first downthesun tour? “I’m expecting total fucking hell and chaos…as I said before, everything surrounding this band is fucking difficult…I think this is the perfect way to start, going out with the original fucking Slayer.” Words of wisdom. We did offer up one last bit of advice to Kuk before heading out on this long journey, always wear socks with shoes. “That, and all the dirty clothes stay in the trailer,” Kuk retorted. Touche. Debut release in stores Sept 30th. Oh, we must mention, speaking with the band a bit later this evening – shortly after they hit the road – they already suffered a flat tire. nothing is ever easy with this band, indeed…


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