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Posted on February 12, 2008

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine recently spoke to KNAC.COM's Gnarly Charlie about the inspiration for the band's new song “Sleepwalker” from the upcoming CD, “United Abominations”. “I was kind of getting bored with people taking snipes at me over the Internet,” Mustaine explained. “I just thought it was really cowardly. It wasn't anybody famous; it was just constant stuff, especially one particular news site, in general. And I just thought, 'You know what? It would be really funny if I could go to sleep and just do astral planing and do a little ass-whooping and then wake up and not be held accountable for anything.' (laughs) You know it's kind of sad, because there are disorders where people do, like the Ambien sleepwalk. For me, a lot of it too, was some of the crime stuff that they do, you know, like the old mob movies, 'The Godfather' and stuff like that… I love '24', and I just watched this one thing where I went through every single season because I didn't even discover the series until last year and I watched the first four years all in a row, almost nonstop, with time to sleep and stuff a little food in my face. But, there was one scene where they were up on Mulholland and I just flashed back about these photographers that would say, 'Yeah, you're a model. Hey, here's my card. Let's go take pictures out in the woods.' Duh! You remember that one? He took her out in the woods and he killed her. It's so commonplace — we can identify with these tragedies and stuff like that, but when you think about how gullible a person is and the wickedness that some people have in their hearts when they take advantage of these people, it's like…first off, how could somebody be that na


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