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Dam! What’s Up With The Dirty Americans?

Posted on February 12, 2008

Some things have been brewing in the Dirty Americans camp! Dirty Americans are set to begin recording on August 26th at Ardent Studios (ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin) in Memphis, TN with producer Paul Ebersold (3 Doors Down). Track listing thus far includes “Burn You Down” and “Strange Generation”. Dirty Americans hope to have a full length album out by Summer 2003. In other news…for those fortunate (?) enough to live in Michigan, two Dirty Americans headlining dates have been announced for the month of September: September 7 The Blind Pig (734) 996-8555 206-208 First Street Ann Arbor, MI 48103 With Special Guests: Inside Five Minutes, and Inner Receipe Friday, September 13 Rubble’s (517) 772-1132 112 W. Michigan Mt. Pleasant, MI With Special Guest: Broadzilla Today, we bring you music from the Dirty Americans, the demos submitted. ‘Dirty’ demos, if you will…give a listen, you’ll hear. From “the kings of dirty rock,” we present you “Burn You Down”. Shake it down in the music section…more Dirty American demos to come… Whilst you are at it, make sure to check out their official website, which is now up and running – www.DirtyAmericans.com. For each album a band does, the biography is rewritten. With that in mind, we’ve just posted up a new band biography. If you live in the US, make sure to check them out live. Remaining upcoming dates are as follows: Tuesday, May 21 St. Andrews Hall 431 E. Congress Detroit, MI with Monster Magnet Saturday, May 25 Leopold Brothers 523 S. Main St. Ann Arbor, MI Wsg: Krescent 4 Remember The Workhorse Movement? Not got their album ‘Sons Of The Pioneers’ yet? Now’s your chance – the album has been re-released on mid-price! We are pleased to inform you that The Dirty Americans will be releasing their debut album through Roadrunner. At the moment, the band are still in the writing stage and no release date has been set. Then WHM A&R Rep and now D-Am A&R Rep Monte Conner tells “The Dirty Americans have all the things you loved about The Workhorse Movement, but with a whole new dimension and flavor. They are the kings of dirty rock.” To see the live photos from the band’s debut Detroit show on August 11 last year all you need to do is check out the gallery! Other new songs written so far are: Super Free Trip to the Moon Gold Nuclear Bomb The Clone Wars Strange Places Sungod Burn you Down Explode Do I need to ask you if you want to see the lyrics to brand new Dirty Americans song ‘Super Free’? I guess not… SUPER FREE Don’t know if I’m stoned or superfree We don’t know karate man, we know crazy We always hit the road and freak it out Fleeing from our homes to the wild is what we’re all about I’ve seen mountains that have made me whole The desert sun makes me one I just keep letting go Thrill seekers riding hard to keep it cool We don’t need the bullshit the transmissions getting through THE RIDE IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT TIME AIN’T EVEN RUNNING OUT!!! I know I can’t stop screaming from a mountain top I’ll take my friends Any chance I can And now I’m standing tall free riding all day long I’ll take my friends Any chance I can I’m stoned…and I’m super free We don’t need you baby cuz what we need we get for free You mutha fuckers think you got me now Nine to five ain’t gonna drag my life down Did you know that The Dirty Americans, used to be signed to Roadrunner as The Workhorse Movement? “WORKHORSE is gone but the MOVEMENT lives on in Myron, Freedom and Pete along with a new drummer Jeramiah Pilbeam together as THE DIRTY AMERICANS!! More rock less rap than Workhorse, same amount of strange…” – and that comes straight from Myron’s mouth! An update straight from Myron – We have about 12- 13 new songs finished for the record, more are in various stages, we’re doing a cover of detroit rock gods the MC5 (“Call Me Animal”) it’s a great tune and fits very with the rest of the material we’ver written on this album, check it out on napster if you don’t know it. Our first gig is June 8, 2001 in Mt. Pleasant Michigan, USA at the same club (Rubbles) where Workhorse started. With Cornbread gone, a lot of the rap vibe is gone, so we’re concentrating on rocking out in strange new ways. The Dirty American’s material is similar, Freedom and I wrote almost everything for Sons Of The Pioneers so there is a familiar sound in the new material because we are still deeply involved in the writing process. We’re concentrating more on the songs that have a stranger rock vibe like “Heavy”, “Joe Mama”, “Beotch” etc. The new drummer (Jeremiah Pilbeam) totally has the John Bonham thing going on which fits perfectly with Freedom’s guitar playing!! Workhorse made a video for single ‘Keep The Sabbath Dream Alive’ shot in Detroit. The ‘Sons Of The Pioneers’ CD by the Workhorse Movement is still available at around 퉌£11.99 in stores.


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