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Conversing With Vikedal

Posted on February 12, 2008

Getting the lowdown on Nickelback’s drummer Ryan ‘Nik’ Vikedal… once again, questions from our teamers. 1. If you weren’t in Nickelback, what could you see yourself doing? “I’d still be doing something involving music.” 2. What do you do in your spare time (if you have any!)? “When I have any I like playing video games or else I practise different styles of music and make little recordings in my basement!” 3. Because you’ve received some negative press over here in the past, are you worried the new album will be judged before it’s heard? “No, if the music is good it will usually break through all the negative things that have nothing to do with the music.” 4. Why don’t you play ‘Detangler’ in sets? “It’s an older song and hasn’t yet been voted into the set amongst the band members.” 5. When will you be touring the UK and what can we expect from your stage show this time? “We hope to be in the UK around December and we’ll have a more developed pyro show than last year.” (Ed’s note: More flames. Rock.) 6. Are there any other good Canadian bands you can recommend me? “Ian Thorney, Sam Roberts.” 7. This may seem a strange thing to ask, but your heavier tracks remind me of Metallica. Are they an influence? “A very big influence with the older Metallica – Master, Kill Em All etc.” Thanks Nik… words from Ryan Peake and Chad Kroeger coming next week. ‘Someday’ is out Monday for 퉌£1.99 only. Don’t forget to come back here to enter to win a trple platinum disc only next week on this site!


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