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Posted on February 12, 2008

Blabbermouth reports that in the Ask CKY section of their official website, guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller called Slayer a “bullshit” band who “always followed trends” and that they are “just a parody of themselves” after a fan asked his opinion on the band.

Following a tremendously negative response to Derons comments, who accused him of creating a publicity stunt or just being jealous, Deron issued the following statement:

“I did not expect my SLAYER rant to be newsworthy enough for a Blabbermouth post. And I dont think it is at all. I did not submit this statement to Blabbermouth to be listed as a 'publicity stunt' (that accusation always makes me laugh, because I have no interest in publicity), or 'jealousy' (I wish I wrote [METALLICA's] 'Master of Puppets', not [SLAYER's] 'God Hates Us All'). It's this simple… a fan asked for my opinion on CKY's website about SLAYER and I answered it in my opinion. Too fucking bad… that's what I think. All the Blabbermouth morons get to spew their moronic statements, so why can't I? The only difference is, people read mine. Otherwise there wouldn't be hundreds of responses that all say the same thing, I'm sure (I could only get through two): 'SLAYER rules!!!!' 'Fuckin SLAYER, MAN!'… So go crack open a Pabst and dig out one of your old 'Reign in Blood' tapes and have a fucking blast. I'd rather throw on 'Master of Puppets' [METALLICA], 'Bonded by Blood' [EXODUS] and 'The New Order' [TESTAMENT], because they're just better bands. And thanks for caring about my opinion even after 1) It wasn't meant to be posted here, and 2) You all say that you don't care about me, my band, or what I say, but… YOU DO, DONT YOU! I'M SORRY… I DON'T LIKE SLAYER!!!”


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