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Chimaira/ETID In Nottingham #2

Posted on February 12, 2008

Lifted straight off an email from Alex Hammond… “Nottingham, Basement, 09/02/04 Right, i cant remember the Chimaria list, cos i was too busy getting my ass kicked in the tiny, but awsome venue to make note of it, but im pretty sure that it was similar or pretty much exact to the few previous dates. So, we turn up in Nottingham just in time to grab a pint before the signing, and then after queuing up outside select-a-disc, the band casually wonder past, a few cameras in tow. This is the coolest thing i first noticed about this band, that there pretty casual and seem to not have crap rock star egos, whilst still keeping any respect intact. They were pretty cool guys signing our stuff, i didnt expect them to be overly nice or go out of their way to be nice, as they seem to have a pretty tight tour right now, and they do have to sign lots of shit, it must be pretty boring. After a few more pints, we cram into the basement. I’ve been to rock citys main stage a few times, but i’ve never seen a band in the basement, and when theres 250 people stuffed in there, the atmosphere is intense. Its such a personal setting, and to be honest, if this gig had been up-graded to the main stage it would have definatly lost somthing. As im a big fan of all three bands tonight, a got right into the front/pit from the start, and as much as i was brusied and knackered by the end, i wouldnt have rather been anywhere else. Every time i die were awsome in my opinion. I’ve been a fan for a while, love their sound, their attitude, and they fitted in great tonight, although i wasnt expecting them too. They played pretty hard, and they crowd reacted well, mixing stuff from their debut and latest, Hot Damn! Once stampin ground Kicked off with Dont Need A Reason To Hate, it was obvious where we were going. Their brutal hardcore-thrash mix was double in its intensity tonight, with Adam really encouraging the crowd to be part of the set, by jumpin in, demanding a circle pit, a wall of death, and getting the fans to scream the chorus of officier down, closing the set. This, personally was already the highlight of my night, as i got to sream a bit. This honestly was nearly as good as the Converge gig at the ULU, a few weeks back. After grabbing my breath, and some shit tasting water at the bar, i got back in the pit ready for chimaria to take to the stage. Using the final track from the Imposibility Of Reason as an opener, cutting it short after a few minutes or so, flying into Power Trip, which really gave way to the biggest pit, in the smallest venue, which was awesome. After a few track from TIOR, they flew into some older stuff and some b-sides, which was nice. The coolest thing i noticed about them playing the older songs, is how much more intense and heavy the made them sound. They lost all of the ‘Nu- Metal’ sound that these songs are hinted with on record, fitting in great with the much harder thrashy stuff. After a great circle pit, and a brutal wall of death, the band closed with Pure Hatred, leaving everyone in the room looking pretty wasted. I made the highlights pretty clear, and have very little to complain about, all bands played like they really meant it, but, without wanting to sound like a nob, i think the age restrictions were right. From what i gather, it was 14+, and this stuck out at times. Im not saying it should have been 18+, maybe 16+ at least, but i got some attitude of a few kids at times, that a a bit less experienced at gigs. Also, theres always a few people with a shitty attitude, that insit on pushing you outta the way and sticking elbows in your face, to get in front of you. Its always a really rude thing to use your size to do that to people that have been waiting ages, and at the last second have some fat guy pull em out of the way. Thats why i stuck to the pit for the most of the show, only moving up to grab Keith and Adam as the climbed into the crowd. Also, any band that lets Stampin Ground support them are nuts. Although Chimaira played well and hard, Stampin Ground really know how to play a show. I noticed, for Chimaira’s first few songs, that they sounded slighlty tame compared. It wasnt until they really got going did i really have the energy to get into it, and it really took off. Oh yeah, and as everyone has mentioned, the drum solo is awsome, you dont see that kinda stuff anymore. All in all, an awsome night. Cheers, if anyone else went, did ya like it, and im sorry if i offended any 14 year olds, or fat fuckers.”


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