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Chimaira/ETID In London #1

Posted on February 12, 2008

My name is Anant Bhadreshwara, I’m from Stanmore. I went to the gig Chimaira played on the 6th of Feb, and here’s my review of it: Chimaira/Stampin’ Ground/Every Time I Die- The Mean Fiddler- Feb 6th With the masses gathering into the Mean Fiddler it wasn’t long until ‘Every Time I Die’ hit the stage. They didn’t play a long set, but a memorable one with the vocalist doing acrobatic manoeuvres into the crowd. Next up it was Stampin’ Ground who managed to get the crowd going in circle pits and the crowd surfers gave the security guards a run for their money! With both supports over the crowed packed together with everyone anticipating the crushing riffs of Matt and Rob go through the amps…. Chimaira started off their set with ‘Implements of Destruction’ which had everyone in frenzy. Once they had run through a non-stop line of songs from ‘The Impossibility of Reason’ album, they took the crowds ‘old school’ (as Mark Hunter put it) with a line up from the ‘Pass Out Of Existence’ album. The break in the middle of ‘Severed’ was used to show to the restless audience the latest addition to the Metal Machine we like to call Chimaira! A brief introduction by Mark Hunter left the crowd in amazement when he announced that their new drummer had learnt the whole Chimaira set in 12 days. Mr Evensand took to the drums with a solo that had everyone clapping along to the beat, cheering and nodding their heads. As a UK exclusive Chimaira decided to play ‘Army of me’ and ‘Indifferent to Suffering’, these tracks truly brought the house down. The ‘Metal Moses’ aka Chimaira frontman lived up to his words and managed to divide a sea of people who were just waiting for Mark’s signal to go….as soon as he did all hell broke loose with fists flying, bodies dropping and devil horns rising! Just as the show was coming to a close Chimaira decided to play the track that everyone in the pits had been waiting for ‘Pure Hatred’….and in the pits it was just that as soon as the drum beat kicked in. With the crowd going ballistic a surprise was sprung onto the London crowd….. out of nowhere came Anders Frid퀌©n (aka In Flames vocalist)…..together on stage the Swedish metal man and Chimara’s very own ‘Metal Moses’ roared together at the top of their voice ‘I HATE EVERYONE’ and the crowd went berserk. ‘The Full Blown A$$ Ripping Metal’ machine (aka Chimaira) had managed to keep the crowd alive through the 1 and a half hour set of sheer brutality….they’ll be back!


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