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Chimaira/ETID In Glasgow

Posted on February 12, 2008

A review sent in by Richy Muirhead Chimaira 10th Feb King Tuts Glasgow Oh my god! Chimaira in Glasgow was extreme! I loved it. Every Time I die were really good. I enjoyed the set. Highlight song for me was probably Ebolarma. Most of the crowd enjoyed ETID. They did a good job of warming us up for Stampin Ground, and Chimaira. Next up, Stampin Ground. I had seen them before with Soulfly, so I kind of knew what to expect. VERY BRUTAL! Every song just got more and more heavy. í¢ä‰åñOfficer Downí¢ä‰åŒ was the best song off their set. The lead singer did a wall of death during one of the songs. This was really crazy as the venue is so small! I seen parts of the wall of death it was very violent indeed. Then they played 2 more songs and it was time for Chimaira. The half hour wait for Chimaira was well worth it. The lights finally went off, and Implements of destruction came on then smoke started to rise and one by one a band member appeared on the stage. They all started playing in harmony, it was so cool to watch. Then the intro to Power Trip came on and Mark ran onto the stage. Everyone was just going nuts! Rob was playing every note to perfection. It was so good! They then fell into Cleansation. Which everyone loved. After that Chimaira decided to play some older stuff from Pass out of Existence. They started off with Let Go, and played other favourites like Dead Inside and Severed. During the breakdown of Severed Mark introduced Ricky Evansand to us all. He said he should introduce Ricky rock n roll style by playing a drum solo. So the drum solo started. It lasted AGES! I was on the front row and when I eventually got my eyes off the solo everyone was practically drooling!! It was awesome! Ricky rules! Chimaira then went and played songs of The Impossibility of Reason like, Eyes of a Criminal, Overlooked, and The Dehumanizing Process. During The Dehumanizing Process Mark told us all about the press calling him í¢ä‰åñMetal Mosesí¢ä‰åŒ and he shows us all why they call him it. So he split the crowd into two halves and during the heavy part they crazy dudes in the pit ran at each other. Just like Stampin Ground had did earlier. Then Mark threw a copy of the re release of The Impossibility of Reason into the fans. It was funny watching everyone steal it off each other. Chimaira then played Indifferent to Suffering, my favourite song. It was so good when they played it. Rob and I were shouting the lyrics in each others faces! It was class! It was probably my favourite song of the night. Rob Arnold then played a wild guitar solo for about 2 minutes. It sounded so good! The guy rules on guitar! …./ Then they got down to their last song of the night, PURE HATRED! Oh my god! This song live is so immense! As the drumming intro kicks in then the guitars slide in and it all breaks out into craziness! Everyone was jumping like hell and shouting all the lyrics. Fantastic final song! At the end of Pure Hatred, Mark thanked all the support bands and all us fans for all being there and being a part of an insane gig. Matt, Rob and Jim, all shook the hands of the fans down the front it was really good. I had a great time! My first time at King Tuts and it was bloody awesome. Everyone was wringing off sweat and had sore throats. That was my 3rd time seeing Chimaira and my best! Cant wait to see them again! Richy Muirhead


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