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Chimaira/ETID in Colchester

Posted on February 12, 2008

We continue to post up YOUR reviews of the Chimaira/ETID tour, with this literary burst from Adrian… thanks for writing in! “It’s not often that you get to see three of the best bands in the metal scene in one gig, less often seeing them in a venue slightly larger than a shoebox. ETID valiantly attempted to get the crowd moving, who were unfortunatley somewhat indifferent to the fucking awesome set that was belted out. Not fazed however, Keith and Co. did their best to get the crowd moving, with a performance almost topping that of the London show a week earlier. They seemed very comfortable in such a tiny place – and even though most of the people at the show had probably never heard of them, they sure as fuck are fans now. Stamping Ground are no strangers to this town and absolutley wrecked the place. Not content with a shitty exit to their leg of the tour, they ignited circle pits and a wall of death unlike this tiny ass venue has ever seen. It was fucking incredible, and we certainly hope they get their asses back here very damn soon. Crowd fired up, smoke filling the air and the opening to implements of destruction over the speakers, people finally woke up and pushed their way to the front. Everyone knows the story from here on in – Power Trip, the best opening song of any set list ever thrown together – tore the place apart. Pint glasses flew through the air and the place went fucking mental – bleeding faces and hair flying everywhere. New Wave Of American Heavy Metal? Yes please. Rickys drum solo was fantastic, as expected, and the appreciation the crowd had for the masters of metal onstage was felt by all. The closing riff of ‘Pure Hatred’ sealed chimairas fame as the best band that has EVER played in this town. You guys had better fucking come back soon!!” Adrian Kassissia


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