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Posted on February 12, 2008

“What Comes Around” – we are bringing out another Ill Nino track for free download from their Revolution…Revolucion debut. “What Comes Around” was the song in-progress throughout the writing and recording of Revolution…Revolucion. It originally started life as a more straightforward groove-metal track with Cristian scat-singing in Spanish over Marc’s acoustic guitar line. The original verses were much more straightforward with the original choruses being completely different in melody and lyric. It was during recording that the verses took on their current approach with a much stronger and more intimate performance from Cris. The chorus always remained an issue: neither the band or A&R being particularly satisfied with it. Cris probably spent two months brainstorming over what only came together when the band re-cut some vocals with the Scrap 60 guys. Eddie Wohl always referred to the chorus as “the Staind chorus.” The finished song was a surprise for everyone from the band to the record company. No one ever pegged it as the single from the onset of recording. That was always either “Unreal” or “Nothing’s Clear”. Well, “What Comes Around” indeed! Check out MUSIC for the MP3. Here’s a few early words from Mike Gitter, the A&R guy who signed them to RR, about their live show – and now they’ve been here you know this to be true… “When Ill Nino hits the stage they are a pummeling for both the eyes and ears. Driving it all is Chavarri, big arms a blur and a huge smile on his face from start to finish. Beside him, percussionist Roger Vasquez, who I recognize from his former band, Hispanic insurrectionists, Ricanstruction, is making the rhythms extra spicy. Guitarist Marc Rizzo is all flying kicks, confidence and muscle while Brazilian transplant Jardel Paisante beats the guitar like a long lost Cavalera brother. I’m surprised to see an old friend and longtime NYC scene dude, Laz Pina taking up the bass chores and stomping around as he wrings out the low end. And in the middle of it all, Cris Machado has grown into a fantastic live presence. Dreadlocks flying, aggro and melody in dos lenguas erupting from his mouth. From the kick-in call to revolucion of “Rumba” straight to a cover of Soulfly’s “Eye for an Eye”, the crowd is Ill Nino’s for the taking. And they take. And the crowd is suitably beaten by the end of the taking.” “I’m blown away by the end of their set.” NEW VIDEO – Here it is, your first chance to see the first Ill Nino video. “God Save Us” was shot in the course of a couple hours in a high school gymnasium in Southern California. Director Darren Doane (Pennywise, FAR) scammed the location, the guys stopped in and the Rumba was on! The spectacle you are about to watch took place one fine day in late June. Check out the brand new video for God Save Us in the VIDEO section. Check out the Ill Nino official website at www.illnino.com! Play our brand new cool Ill Nino game ‘Ill Pac Mano’ in the In The Pit Games area!


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