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Changing Of The Guard

Posted on February 12, 2008

At some point during the very wee hours of this very early morning, the boys from camp Chimaira hit the road…their first tour travels with their new album – the upcoming The Impossibility Of Reason – under the belt. First stop on this first tour for the new album, Albany, New York. And this tour be rounded out by headliner Lamb Of God and openers 18 Visions and Atreyu. Back to Chimaira…the first tour is now happening for this new album, so how about the first review of this new album? It’s in…and courtesy of the folks at www.HitThePit.com, it is as follows…read on: Artist: Chimaira Album: The Impossibility Of Reason Label: Roadrunner Records Reviewer: Derek Mark Hunter – Vocals, Matt DeVries – Guitars, Rob Arnold – Guitars, Jim LaMarca – Bass, Chris Spicuzza – Electronics, Andols Herrick – Drums Slayer’s Kerry King recently said “Yes it’s that %$#^&%& hard! No rapping! No guest appearances! Just 100% undiluted heavy metal”. And as you might guess he was indeed talking about Cleveland’s own Chimaira! Ok, reviews over…go buy the CD! If Kerry likes it, then you should like it! Ok…I’ll tell more! All I can say is wow!!! I have been sleeping, cumin, and poopin with the CD for the last 3 days. The best way to describe this metal masterpiece is to say it is Mark Hunter and Rob Arnold’s coming out party. Vocally Mark expands his vocal extravaganza to include a lulling voice in the vein of Layne Staley, while Rob has been taking notes in class from Kerry King himself. Both band members have stepped up their game to the point where you could classify Mark as the head of the class. The means by which all modern day front men should be judged. As for Arnold, he could be positioning himself as heir apparent to the likes of King and Dime! That is right kiddies, the changing of the guard is upon us metal minions, and the new ruler is Chimaira! I feel like I am forgetting an old warhorse is not mentioning the fury of Herrick. He is lights out as always, and his precision skill is never more apparent then on the diabolical “Cleansation”. In your face and loud, the track rips at a tiring pace. Hunter mouths off in a variety of ways. At times it is a low end death metal growl, and at other times he takes a raspy hardcore approach to hammering his point through your skull. After a short build up Arnold makes his statement with his strings. Can you say Slayer…holy 1988 guitar solo! Fuckin A! The chants that follow from Hunter is full out death metal vocalization……. tremendous! “The Impossibility Of Reason” falls somewhere in-between old Pantera (Vulgar Display Of Power & Far Beyond Driven years), Slayer, and Fear Factory! Hit someone’s grandma! Once again I thought of old Pantera and Slayer at the beginning of “Power Trip”. Herrick unleashes blast beats and speed like a winged demon behind the kit. The annihilation is unyielding….think Pantera’s “Slaughtered” meets Slayer’s “Dittohead”. Mad fast! I wasn’t sure what I thought of “Down Again” when I first listened to it. The track starts off with a piano, and then leads to the usual Chimaira face smashing! But then Mark breaks out a lulling voice that is eerily like Layne Staley from Alice In chains. Even the structure of the song takes on a heavy AIC feel. At first it threw me for a loop, but after getting used to it I think it adds to the listening experience! And the piano piece functions as the oasis of pretty naked women surrounded by blood shed. An interesting track…and Alice in Chains fans will either love it or be offended by the effort. Either way it signifies growth musically! “Pure Hatred” is the crowning moment of the record. This track will forever be filed away as one of my favorite songs! From the first scream to the last beat of the drum…. the guitars, drums, bass, vocals play at a blinding speed with little disregard for the destruction the track will cause. When Hunter screams “And I hate everyone” repeatedly, you will pump your fist and scream right along! Yet again, think of Slayer meets Pantera from their hay day! I guarantee you will listen to this track repeatedly. Play it for Dad…he will hate it! When I first heard “The Dehumanizing Process” I thought of stop and go NASCAR. Speed stops at a split second, only to be reignited and flying…only to stop instantly again! The result of the this masterful display of musicianship is one of the heaviest, and brooding tracks ever. I want to see Mark stand over a pool of kid killing each other and bark this track out….fucking bad ass! This is like old Napalm Death heavy at times! Chimaira has graduated from “the future band” to “the band” with The Impossibility Of Reason. It is one of those few record you can’t wait to get out of work and pop in your CD player for your drive home. Every track has its own identity, message, while still giving honors to the band’s forefathers! Amazing effort! Whether you like Metal, Hardcore, Swedish, or Death…The Impossibility Of Reason covers all of those subgenre’s……and is one of the strongest releases of 2003. Pit Scale: 10, masterful production, amazing musicians, destructive song writing. Everything in one package! Spin it! Suggested Tracks: All 12! Track Listing: 1) Cleansation 2) The Impossibility Of Reason 3) Pictures In The Gold Room 4) Power Trip 5) Down Again 6) Pure Hatred 7) The Dehumanizing Process 8) Crawl 9) Stigmurder 10) Eyes Of A Criminal 11) Overlooked 12) Implements Of Destruction Chimaira The Impossibility Of Reason in stores May 12th


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