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Catching Up With Nickelback

Posted on February 12, 2008

MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES AND EARS Be sure to check out the brand new Nickelback video for ‘Never Again’! You can view it in the VIDEO section. All footage comes from the upcoming Nickelback ‘Live At Home’ DVD release. Not only that, you can stream Never Again too. TURN ON, TUNE IN, TURN UP Nickelback’s Too Bad has been added to the Capital Radio Hitlist! Not only that but Radio 1 have added the song to their ‘B’ playlist! As for TV, you can now request Too Bad on Kerrang! TV, The Box, Smash Hits, and Q TV – selection # 264! Not only that, ‘Too Bad’ is ‘B’ listed on MTV & MTV2. Did You Know? Chad Kroeger is officially the first artist ever to have four tracks in the top 10 on the US heritage rock radio audience chart simultaneously. The four songs are as follows: Nickelback’s “Never Again” (#9), “Too Bad” (#6) and “How You Remind Me” (#7), along with Chad’s “Hero” (#3). Sham. For those of you who are unaware, ‘heritage rock’ is basically what one would call a ‘classic rock’ station…you know, Boston, Cream, Led Zep…and now, Nickelback. Classic rock in current times. Classic. Just 2 days ago we received this email from our new friend Mimi who checks out this site. Mimi’s also a Nickelback fan and we thought we’d share her email with you fellow ‘Backers… “Hey RR, You showed an e-mail from two other girls named Cat and Claire on the Nickelback page. They were from West Sussex and they were saying how much they loved Nickelback. Well, me and my mates love Nickelback too (I love ’em the most), but I say Cat and Claire can have Ryan any day, because Chad’s my guy! Loving the voice. No really, I love them all. Anyway, I’m travelling almost 200 miles to see Nickelback at a festival in a week, and as it is the first time I will have seen them play live I’m dead excited! I don’t expect to get anywhere near the stage, but at least I will have known I was “that” close to them! MIMI” Thanks for writing in Mimi, nice to hear from ya… have a safe trip and enjoy the show! NICKELBACK IN YOUR HOME: Nickelback are releasing their first DVD, titled ‘Live At Home’ on October 28th. Fear not those of you without a DVD player, for ‘Live At Home’ will also be released on VHS. The live footage was recorded January 25th at the Skyreach Centre show in Edmonton, Canada. Random fact: Did you know that Chad met his girlfriend at that show? He spotted her out in the crowd. Obscure random fact: Did you know that afore mentioned gal used to cut his grandmother’s hair? We told you it was random and obscure. The DVD is classified with a ’15’ rating. NUMBER ONE: Random Fact – Nickelback’s “Too Bad” video DEBUTED at #1 on the U.S. CVC Chart. What the hell is CVC? Good question. It’s actually the U.S. video charts – the only such monitor out there, tracking video play from most all video shows. This IS a big deal. Congrats to all involved on the “Too Bad” video. Speaking of Too Bad, come August 26th the single is out. And it will be Single Of The Week in Woolworths and Asda! BAD PHOTOS? Have you checked out our link below to watch the new video for ‘Too Bad’ yet? We’ve just added up some photo stills from the video shoot for your viewing pleasure. Brand new band & individual close-up shots galore! WHO IS THAT HOTTIE? Random Fact – back when the “How You Remind Me” video first came out, we received a load of emails from guys asking the name of the chick in the video. Why? Perhaps name association for erotic fantasy? Hmmm? Well, this time around, with the “Too Bad” video, we are now getting emails from gals asking what the name of the bloke in the video is. It’s true. Why? You draw your own conclusion. Ladies, for the record, his name is Zion Lee. TOO BAD VIDEO: Remember we wrote the new video for ‘Too Bad’ was done? It’s true. So true in fact, that if you click into the VIDEO section you can see the whole video in real audio. You can play it as much as you like. Enjoy… Did you know that How You Remind Me has been played over 33,000, yes that’s THOUSAND times on UK radio now? Did you know that HYRM is also the longest running record in the UK top 75 since it was released? A grand total of 20 weeks! CONGRATULATIONS!! As we break out the champagne, we are thrilled to report another first in Roadrunner UK history – Nickelback’s Silver Side Up is today, Friday 12th July, officially certified DOUBLE PLATINUM! That means that over 600,000 copies of the album have been shipped in the UK. Many congrats guys… and thanks of course to the fans. Sing Along To ‘Curb’ To aid your kareoke attempts, we’ve posted up all the lyrics to Nickelback album ‘Curb’ (out now) and you can view them here. Thought we’d share with you an email we received recently… thanks for writing in Susan – all the best at university! We’ve heard stories about university fresher weeks…. “Dear RR, Just thought I’d send this e-mail to share my thoughts on Nickelback. I am 29yrs old (female) and went back to college last year. It was a tough year but my Nickelback CD’s got me through the endless hours of study and report writing – they inspired me so much that I have applied and been accepted for a 4yr degree at University! I have to listen to their music every day without fail and look forward to the DVD release so that I can see them live whenever I want. Words can’t describe how amazing and talented I think they all are but Chad definetly does it for me BIG time, he has it all looks, voice intelligence the lot!!! I look forward to seeing them live in Glasgow, August for the 2nd time this year. Oh my god I am sooo excited!!!!!! PS (If you ever ever give the opportunity to anyone to meet the guys please bear my name in mind!!) Regards to everyone, Susan Price, Montrose, Angus SCOTLAND.” Too Bad Live?! No, not a criticism of the band. A heads up that you can now catch a live video of the band playing ‘Too Bad’ on Kerrang! TV. To request it, call 09067 533433 – selection # 264. Hot In The Press: Don’t miss the 15th June issue of Kerrang! magazine – for not only is Nickelback on the cover, there’s a 6 page feature inside. We’re sure you can learn something you didn’t know already – we did. You can also check a 2 page live review in the July issue of Q magazine! Nickelback are confirmed to play Slaine Castle, Dublin on August 24th. The Stereophonics will headline the show. Nickelback are also confirmed to play the Glasgow SECC on August 26th! Tickets are on sale now from all the usual agents. Congratulations Nickelback! Silver Side Up is officially certified platinum in Europe for sales exceeding 1 million! 31/5: The 3 biggest Nickelback fans in the UK? From our email: “Hi We’re From West Sussex And Just Want to Say How Much We Love Nickelback. We Were All Really Down , But Nickelback Showed Us the Way. They Totally Rule And I Think Ryan Is Dead Sexy And We All Think Chad’s Voice Is Absolutely Amazing !!!!!!!!!!! Please Show This As Non Believers Do Not Believe How Amazing They Are!!!!” From Laura, Cat And Claire Only too happy to share your email gals… maybe some non believers will indeed be converted. Thanks for letting us know the ‘Back have such big fans in W.Sussex. 27/5: So things are still looking rosy in the Nickelback world. After 21 weeks in the airplay chart, Nickelback are still ranked at #13 – very nice indeed. Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard How You Remind Me yet? Don’t forget, Fathers Day is coming up June 16th and Woolworths are stocking Silver Side Up in their Fathers Day promotion, so if you’re pondering what to buy dear ol’ Dad, there’s your answer (and you can pick up The State for only 퉌£9.99 until June 10 as well). If you’re gonna get subjected to parental music, might as well be something you like. And next time you’ve been dragged along to Tesco’s by your parent (we can be PC), Silver Side Up is also in their ‘2 for 22’ campaign. Random Snippets: MTV Hits DOUBLED the number of times they played How You Remind Me this week.. we think you guys out there have been hitting them up with requests… you like that chick in the video huh? TV. Ant and Dec, also PJ & Duncan. No? They used to star in ‘Byker Grove’ on the BBC. What’s the link to Nickelback? Byker Grove will be playing the How You Remind Me video in the background sometime soon… let us know if you spot it! As this is being written, Nickelback and crew are landing in Japan, where they will be greeted by Syusuke, or one of the other staff members working at Roadrunner Japan. They will be playing a week’s worth of dates before flying back to the U.S. come the 27th to start up once again on The 2002 Jim Beam Road to the Rackhouse Tour with Jerry Cantrell. Speaking of The 2002 Jim Beam Road to the Rackhouse Tour, opening night was one week ago today, on the 13th in Albuquerque, NM. At said show, Nickelback’s Ryan Peake joined Jerry Cantrell onstage for the playing of Alice In Chains’ “Them Bones”. Surely, expect more cool shit as such at future shows. Ahhh, now back to the point of this story – the Georgia Straight Music Awards. Ever hear of them, eh? Tis a Canadian award show honouring primarily Canadian acts, but also includes American categories as well. The Georgia Straight Music Awards. A “Readers Choice” awards, as winners are determined via polls offered at its website and in local record shops. The award show was held on May 9th, and Nickelback pulled in the awards for Favourite Canadian Act and Favourite Canadian CD. Another notch on the bedpost. Congratulations. A Tale From The Silver Side.. “It was our last lesson of German lesson in school and our teacher held a german quiz with a few nostalgic questions thrown in there … and 2 of the questions were “What is Nickelback’s current single?” and …. I can’t remember the other one …. but both were Nickelback related!! Just more evidence to show Nickelback’s far reaching influence! James Laycock, Manchester” James, thanks for the line… that’s one cool teacher. Don’t remember mine being that cool. Anyone else out there got something to share? rrguest@roadrunnerrecords.co.uk GOLD! Remember a while back we were excited because How You Remind Me had been officially certified Silver, selling 200,000 copies in the UK? We’re ecstatic to tell you that How You Remind Me has now been certified Gold, selling over 400,000 copies in the UK!! Congratulations going out to all of Nickelback… and 400,000 people with good taste. Not to be outdone, the album Silver Side Up has currently shipped over 500,000 copies in the UK – yes, more than half a million. How d’ya like them apples?! Checked out Total Guitar or Powerplay magazine lately? You should… for Nickelback are gracing the cover of the latest issues. A Tale From The Silver Side.. Ahh.. sent in from the lovely Laura Kerr…. “when how u remind me was released will young’s single was released the same day. I was standing outside my local virgin shop from 8.50 waiting to get in and when i did get in the salesman said to me i doubt you’re in here to buy that new will young sinlge and i very near slapped him my mum said no she’s in to buy nickelback and the salesman was like oh….you don’t look like a kind of person who’d buy that. men these days… Laura” You tell em Laura… whatever happened to not judging a book by it’s cover…thanks for writing in. Anyone else out there got something to share? rrguest@roadrunnerrecords.co.uk Did we mention the outcome of the Canadian Juno Awards? Remember we mentioned that Nickelback had been nominated for 4 awards? We’re happy to report that the band won all 4 of their nominations… specifically… Best single: How You Remind Me, Nickelback. Best group: Nickelback. Best rock album: Silver Side Up, Nickelback. Best Recording Engineer: Randy Staub for How You Remind Me and Too Bad by Nickelback. We are pleased to tell you that Silver Side Up is officially PLATINUM in Eire! Congratulations Nickelback! Speaking of the irish… Downtown Radio Belfast last week played How You Remind Me more than ever, tripling their audience number of irish folk who heard How You Remind Me belting out! Festival Fun! Nickelback are confirmed to play the V2002 festival over August 17/18 in Chelmsford & Staffordshire. The band will play 3rd from top – under Primal Scream and the Stereophonics. Which stage and which day at the sites is still to be determined! April 4: From New York With Love.. hot off the press release, how Nickelback are taking over the USA: As NICKELBACK set out to headline US MTV’s Campus Invasion 2K2 Tour–the popular concert series visiting colleges around the country–their SILVER SIDE UP CD has been certified quadruple platinum. SILVER SIDE UP, which debuted at #2 on the US SoundScan charts last September, remains in the Top 15 of the Billboard Top 200, driven by the smash hits “How You Remind Me” and “Too Bad.” The first leg of the MTV tour kicks off April 4 at Arkansas Tech University and will reach 15 schools, before concluding April 27 at the State University of New York in Binghamton. NICKELBACK will be joined on the tour by Default, Injected and Starsailor. After completing the MTV Campus Invasion 2K2 Tour, NICKELBACK will headline the Jim Beam “Road to the Rackhouse” tour from May through July, with special guest Jerry Cantrell opening. Overseas, SILVER SIDE UP is matching the blockbuster success it has enjoyed in North America. Sales have exploded across Europe, where the album has racked up platinum in Switzerland and here in the U.K. and gold in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Holland and South Africa. In Australia, the album is two times platinum and their single “How You Remind Me” is three times platinum. “It’s an emotional evening,” was the NME.com headline on a story about NICKELBACK’s first show of their sold-out headlining European trek at the London Astoria. “Despite the relative intimacy of the venue for the group, who have sold millions of records in North America, Nickelback treated the performance like a stadium show.” During the 16-song set which culminated with “How You Remind Me,” singer Chad Kroeger told the crowd, “I’d like to thank each and every one of you for making our first time here so fucking cool!” Meanwhile, the singles from SILVER SIDE UP continue to impact the U.S. radio charts. This week “Too Bad” has become the band’s second consecutive single to land the #1 position on the Active Rock chart. “Too Bad” is currently at #3 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart and #8 on Modern Rock, while holding in the top five at Monitor Mainstream Rock and top 10 at Monitor Heritage Rock and Modern Rock and is growing fast at top 40. Their hit song “How You Remind Me” shattered the Billboard Monitor “Modern Rock” record for the most spins in one week by garnering over 3,100 spins. In addition, it has just become the first song to spend twelve weeks at #1 on the Top 40 Tracks chart, beating out “Livin’ la Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin (1999), “Smooth” by Santana featuring Rob Thomas (1999) and “Bye Bye Bye” by ‘N Sync (2000). “How You Remind Me” is still lodged in the top 100 of the Billboard Hot 100 at #6 and ranks #8 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. Back home in Canada, NICKELBACK are also among this year’s leading Juno Awards nominees, where SILVER SIDE UP has already gone quadruple platinum. They are tied with Our Lady Peace and Leonard Cohen for the most nominations (four). NICKELBACK, who will perform at the awards on April 14, have been nominated for Best Album, Best Group, Best Single and Best Rock Album. An additional nomination went to Randy Staub in the Best Recording Engineer category for his work on “How You Remind Me” and “Too Bad.” Did you get to one of the sold out UK tour dates? Nickelback played Wolverhampton, Glasgoww, Manchester, and London from March 13-16. You can check out our photos from the Manchester show in the Nickelback gallery. What were the shows like? Pretty fucking mental. Ticket touts were reportedly selling tickets for the London show around 퉌£40 each on the night (face value approx 퉌£12)! RR gal Mindee reports, “it was amazing, really great. Everyone was singing along to every song.” In case you were wondering, the set list even included brand new songs and was: Woke Up This Morning, One Last Run, Too Bad, Breathe, Hollywood, Figured You (brand new song), Hangnail, Never Again, Old Enough, Where Do I Hide, Contestant (brand new song), Leader Of Men, Mistake, and of course, How You Remind Me – complete with an acoustic intro! As well as all the promotion the band squeezed into their trip, such as Radio 1 Backstage, a CD:UK tour report (going out THIS Saturday), live interviews on Capital FM, Virgin FM, hanging out with Roadrunner teamers, and much more in Manchester the band managed to surprise Travis (also playing Manc that evening) with a visit during soundcheck! No hanging about on this trip, the band travelled by tour bus to the next show town each night, stopping only in hotels long enough for a quick shower, and perhaps a beer at the bar. Hopefully, the ‘Back will return soon for the festival season.


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