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Catching Up With Five Pointe O

Posted on February 12, 2008

Earlier this afternoon (May 1), Five Pointe O pulled into Worcester, MA., the scene of the crime where they were previously scheduled to play the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival last month. However, as you know, due to other tour commitments they were unable to attend. Well, it just so happens that The Palladium (venue for tonight’s show and previously the venue for the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival) concert goers will now get their chance to see the Five Pointe O show. Daily Schedule: hit town, load out, set up, sit back, play show. Upcoming Week’s Schedule: play a show each of the next four nights, after show in Syracuse on 4th drive to Laguardia Airport in NY, fly to LA on 5th, shoot video in LA on 6th, fly back to NY on 7th, join up once again with the Mushroomhead tour on 8th – the NYC date. Yes, this means Five Pointe O will be missing the two dates in Canada on 5th and 7th. As guitarist Sharon Grzelinski puts it, “it sucks we’re missing the Canada shows, but we need a video.” And the video has been confirmed to be for the song “Double X Minus”. All in Five Pointe O camp are excited, “very excited” about the upcoming video. Godspeed… Get your mits on a brand new downloadable MP3 for Double X Minus. Currently playing the 2nd leg of the Mushroomhead tour, their debut video shoot is shaping up to take place sometime in mid-May, most likely in NYC. Song for this video has yet to be determined. Speaking of video, word has it the band’s show in Grand Rapids tomorrow night (Apr 26th) will be filmed. If you hit this show, make a ruckus…dig? RECRUITMENT – If you like this band, why not apply to join our e-team and help promote them? We’re currently looking for some new faces from all over England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to be part of our e-team. We’ll hook you up with info and cool stuff to promote with, give you some ideas, encourage you to develop your own, and as well as getting yourself some swag for your efforts, you can get to meet the band when they tour over here. So if you fancy being part of the Roadrunner team, all you have to do is click on the street team link or go to: www.roadrunnerrecords.com/rruk to sign up! Down in Austin, located in the state of Texas, there is a yearly music conference known as SXSW. Previously we wrote that Five Pointe O would be making an appearance at SXSW on March 15 with Mushroomhead and Lamb Of God, another show during their upcoming tour. Well, now two other new Roadrunner acts will be making an appearance as well… Anyone and Sinch will now be playing SXSW together on Mar 16. Texas, get ready. Most likely Anyone (coming to SXSW from Cali after their upcoming US run with Lennon) will be playing a couple shows amongst their travels to Austin. Sinch, the same holds true. Going to Austin from the streets of Philadelphia, will most likely make a mini-week long tour along the way. Keep checking back for details. If you have yet to do so, you can check out the cover for this piece (by the way, that’s Daniel wearing the Independent Skateboards sweatshirt). The cover for Untitled is fully the band’s conception, which is brought to life by designer Jason Noto. Jason Noto? Did You Know? Jason Noto was actually the creative director for the cd package of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP. It’s true. If you own The Marshall Mathers LP, and judging by its sales, odds are you do, raise your hand… Finally. For the first time ever on the Roadrunner site, we have Five Pointe O music to share with you. Moments ago we uploaded an MP3 file of the title track to their upcoming debut release, Untitled. The name of the track? “Untitled”, of course. More? Keep checking back. Words from the band on “Untitled” to follow shortly. Five Pointe O has finished the mixing process for their upcoming record. The record was produced and mixed by Colin Richardson. The record will be mastered in the next couple of weeks. Five Pointe O will rehearse for the next month in preparation for their home-coming show in Chicago scheduled for January 5th. Nora and 36 Crazyfists will open the show. Mixing was headed by Colin Richardson. Roadrunner Records proudly announces the signing of the Joliet, IL-based 6-piece band FIVE POINTE 0. Brought to the Roadrunner family by the same man who brought in new acts Dry Kill Logic (debut release out now) and Sinch, Paul Conroy (Roadrunner A&R) has the following to say: ” I am extremely excited about the signing of Five Pointe 0. I signed Five Pointe 0 because I believe they represent the future of true heavy metal. This band has nothing in common with the glut of pimp rock/nu-metal bands that are over-saturating the market place. Their music uniquely combines brutal heaviness with melody. I am planing for the band to record their debut release for Roadrunner this summer.”


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