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Bones, The Book, And Going Home

Posted on February 12, 2008

So, talking about Roadrage… three things for you this update. Pieces from Spineshank’s Jonny, and Chimaira’s Jim with Ill Nino’s Laz. Without further ado: We asked Jonny Santos, what the top five things were he was most looking forward to going home to. His answers? “1. My children 2. Hot food 3. Warm bed 4. Sex 5. Ice” We also asked him how he hurt his foot… some of you might have noticed a slight hobble on a couple dates at the end of the tour. His answer? “Fighting off 8 samurai ninjas.” It was actually from leaping off speaker stacks and other equipment around the stage, but we like his answer better. Some of you might have also noticed, at the start of the tour Rob Garcia, Spineshank’s bassist, was sporting a plaster cast on his wrist. No stranger to playing with pain, these guys. And so to part three: Chimaira’s James Samuel LaMarca interrogates Lazaro Pina, of Ill Nino. A large in-joke here, we might add. ‘The Book’? Answers on a postcard to… 1. Who wrote the book? “Laz (me).” 2. Who read the book? “Laz (me).” 3. Who is going to write part 2 of the book? “And Laz (me). Jim, you still have a long way to go.”


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