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Posted on February 12, 2008

Ill Nino is currently in the studio recording LP #3. What to tell? The band’s A&R Rep checks in with the following update: I can tell you that the guys have recorded fifteen songs 12-13 of which will end up on the finished album. And while every band always tells you that their next batch of material is going to be way heavier than the previous LP — Los Ninos mean it! At this point, just drums and rhythm guitars are done and already you can hear the whole thing becoming waaaay more bombastic, The two fairly dead-on references the guys are making are Slayer and Mars Volta. Sheer brutality melded with real Latin jams ala Santana at his peak. The whole studio vibe is down and dirty this time. While drums were done at a studio in Upstate New York, the Ill Nino guys (with producer Eddie Wohl and trusty engineer Dan Korneff — who are both helming the record with drummer Dave Chavarri co-producing) have set up shop at the band’s practice space in Union City, New Jersey where bassist Laz Pina’s brother owns a full-blown recording studio! It’s probably the most “real” approach to making a record the band could have possibly taken. The lunch special at the Spanish restaurant is still four bucks a plate and cigarettes are well, too expensive! Vocals start this week and already, you can tell Cris Machado has taken a big step up both as a singer and lyricist. As much as the music has matured , the same is more than true of Cris’ side of things. Rather than go on and on trying to explain, suffice to say you’ll hear soon enough. Really, Ill Nino elpee numero tres is really the product of a lot of soul searching. It’s the sound of Ill Nino simply being Ill Nino! As brutal and melodic as a band can possible. Remember, this is a band with legitimate heavy roots (shit, Jorge from Merauder was their original singer!) and a sound that’s instantly identifiable. There’s no chasing of trends going on here. No aspirations other than simply writing the best songs the band can — which means bruisers and anthems with plenty of bloody spice and bloodier sonic salsa!


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