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Posted on February 12, 2008

Devildriver have started a new feature on their message forum where they answer the fans’ questions. Here are some excerpts: Question: Hey there, just writing to say thank you for your time, yesterday. That shows how much you appreciate your fans. I still can’t believe that i talked to Dez on the phone yesterday. That is so cool. Thank you so much man. I really appreciate it. You guys rock. Thanks a lot from both me Jose and my brother Eddie Answer: I ran into your brother at the store in El Paso and he put me on the phone with you. No problem brother, good saying hi. Question: Hey Devildriver!! How is everyone going? I hope you guys enjoyed Ozzfest 2004. I knew I did. Anyhow.. I have some questions to ask. -First, you say you hope on starting to tour in February. Where will you start first? Europe or USA? I would be a VERY HAPPY Fan to see your show on my birthday, it’d be awesome [To Be Near Vancouver,BC!]. -Second, I was wondering what direction or “sound” you guys are aiming for? Like are you going to completely change, or “change” but still contain some Devildriver sound as well? -Third question (about upcoming tour) Do you know if you will come to Vancouver BC, or will you stay in the USA? Thank You very much for looking at all our Devildriver questions and we hope to see you LIVE again soon. We Love You Driver! Tooodlez Char Answer: we will tour everywhere and yes we enjoyed ozzfest and we will be coming to Vancouver real soon. Question: Hey, Devildriver should release a songbook or free tabs (even better!) because there are only two Devildriver bass tabs that I could find. Also, are you releasing a song from your new album early? When can we expect some new information regarding your new album? Answer: Look for us to put some of the new album up on the site around april or may we have not done official tabs yet but we will. Question: Hey Guys…. I’m a true fan from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Everybody’s talking about shows in Europe and USA…but have you guys considered Latin America? (MEXICO). Guadalajara’s fans are hungry for metal. We have recently seen some bands here like: Ill Ni퀌±o, Therion, Morbid Angel, Asesino, Behemoth and other cool bands. But famous bands almost always go only to the capital (Mexico DF). Guadalajara is the second most important city in the country…I’d f**king kill myself you guys come. Please consider coming to GUADALAJARA, MEXICO it would be so cool for you fans over here, I’m going to tell all my friends that love Devildriver . Answer: Yes we are trying to get to Latin America this year keep checking back. Question: Dez-Hey are you doing? We have never met, and I have never been to one of your concerts or any concerts for that matter. But I just wanted to let you know that you were/still are the reason why I listen to the music I do. You have been a HUGE idol to me no matter what my parents thought. I also wanted to ask you a question: how did you get interested in what you do best and what intrigued you to do it? I am a beginner at playing the bass and I also wanted to know if you have any advice for a unique follower of your footsteps that will hopefully make her own in the sand of the music world today. Any reply from you will give me hope…Thanks man. ~Macy~ Answer: Tell your parents our music stands for perseverance. Everybody needs a little of that sometimes. I got interested in music from my parents’ record collection. Music has gotten me through everything in life: good times, bad times etc. Keep listening, it will help you out too. Question: I am curious, and bear with me if this question already you have answered, but what are the two Tarot cards (if indeed this is what they are) on the home page? They look medieval. Perhaps The Moon and The Star? The designs seem oddly familiar to me. eMBeMLaHV! Answer: They are from an older deck. Look at them more closely. Question: I’m a pretty big fan of you guys, but my real question really is, Do you ever accept or listen to other bands? Perhaps let them open for you guys, like in Coal Chamber or Devil Driver? Because it was totally kick ass to play with you guys, thanks man. Skitch (Guitarist for Dark As Day) Answer: All the time, thank you. Question: I was wondering what kind of distortion pedal does Evan and Jeff use or do they just use the distortion from the amp. If any one knows let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Answer: Jeff and Mike use the distortion from their mesa boogie triple rectifiers. Question: Hey there, I have a question for Dez because he is one of the greatest vocalists! My friends and I just started a band and I was wondering if you could give me some tips. I am the vocalist of the band and i can do the low pitch and high pitch scream but i find it hard to do it in between, can you help me at all? Answer: Practice, practice and sing from your soul. Record yourself a lot and listen back. Buy the new Clutch album it’s great.


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