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Arnold’s Answers

Posted on February 12, 2008

During the Chimaira tour, we asked you to send in your questions for Rob Arnold from Chimaira in our Ask The Artist section. We were overwhelmed with the response. Not only did we put 10 or so questions to him – and post up his answers there, but we also put a few more of your questions to him… and here is the first half. Thanks for sending in so many questions! Do you think Carcass should re-form with all those old bands coming back? (Pay-G) No. A lot of bands that try to do a ’round Z’ with their careers end up failing. Let a good thing die. What essential items do you always take on the road with you? (Lee Kelly) -Cell phone
-Lap top
-Plenty of socks and boxers
-Acoustic guitar
Do you ever get freaked out when people talk about ‘The Chimaira curse’? (Lee Kelly) I don’t really get freaked out, but it brings back some unpleasant memories. A race of Alien beings are attacking the planet, wiping out all forms of music and musical instruments. You have found a place that only 5 CD’s can be hidden away safely until the green men leave. Which 5 albums would you save? Remember, these are going to be the only albums left in the world! (Lee Kelly) Metallica- ‘And Justice For All’, Pantera- ‘Far Beyond Driven’, Alice In Chains- ‘Dirt’, Cannibal Corpse- ‘The Bleeding’, 50 Cent- ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ (I’ve gotta have something around to get the ladies in the mood just incase the situation comes about!) When you were learning to solo did you practice any specific scales? How many hours a day did you practice? (Davin) I didn’t really practice any scales. In fact, I don’t even know too many. I basically just tried to learn the solos that I liked from my favorite bands. In my practicing prime, I practiced around 6-8 hours a day. Chimaira are a great band and amazing live but how much of a toll does it take on you, day in day out performing like you do? (Chris Rob) It takes its toll after a while, but if you’re doing something that you love to do night after night, it really doesn’t get old. [more to come…]


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