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Arnold’s Answers Pt 2

Posted on February 12, 2008

One month ago tomorrow, we posted up the first half of our interview with Rob Arnold of Chimaira, answering the questions which you sent in for him. It is time for the second half… Am I right in saying you guys used to drop A tuning for the first record and now are using C and if so, how come in the Sp Lit video you guys are using 6 strings? Are they baritones? Cheers (Ben Staniworth) “You’re exactly right! And yes, those are 6-string baritones in the SP Lit video. It’s funny that you noticed that! Here’s the story- The day before we shot the video, we got a carepackage from ESP that had some new 6-string baritones in it. We were so excited about the new guitars, that we just decided that we wanted to use them for the video!” Rob, what things do you hope to achieve the most with your career being in Chimaira? P.s. Chimaira are true modern metal (Derek Wright). “I guess I share the same dreams as any musician- to play my guitar and hang out with my friends for a living. I’m hoping that our shows will continue to grow bigger and bigger, and that more people will know the ‘Chimaira’ name.” What is it like looking down on a crowd when you’re playing live? (Ben Barraclough) “I look at the expressions on the fan’s faces. If I see excitement and passion, I get an overwhelming feeling of pride and achievement.” What is the best bit about being part of Chimaira? (Stephanie) “Everyday, I wake up in a new city, eat at a new restaurant, meet a lot of cool new people, and play my guitar with my friends in front of my fans, what more could I ask for?” Rob, what is your favorite song to play on the Chimaira live set and why? “That’s a tough question. Maybe I’d say, ‘The Impossibility Of Reason’. I just love that song all around and it really hits hard live.” No question man, more of a thanks reallyí¢ä‰åŒ_me and my dad went to see you guys play two times on the last tour- (Manchester and Liverpool), and I can honestly say that those two gigs were the best that I have ever been to. I also got the chance to meet you guys at your Manchester gig and I have to ask, did you guys enjoy the bottle of Aftershock that me and my dad gave you? “Thanks so much! And yes, we enjoyed the Aftershock! However, I didn’t enjoy it the next morning! I’m really glad you guys enjoyed the show – thanks for the support, and we’ll see you soon!!” Chimaira return to the UK in June for several co-headline shows with Killswitch Engage. Tickets are on sale now.


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