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An Interview With Sean, Five Pointe O

Posted on February 12, 2008

As it just so happens, Five Pointe O is playing their debut New York City show this evening (8th), at Irving Plaza, no less. Also, for the first time, the band came by the Roadrunner NY office. Appropriately enough, they shook down bassist Sean Pavey for a little Q & A. Check it out, some pretty good stuff here, including a ‘flip off’ from the King himself: Roadrunner: So, the 1st NYC show ever for Five Pointe O, looking forward to it? Sean: Yeah, real excited, been waiting for this for a long time. Roadrunner: Nice, nice. You guys have been on tour basically since February 20th. In that time, what moment sticks out the most? Sean: It’s kind of hard to remember anything on the road, it goes by real quick…but probably…yes, we got a chance to meet Kerry King in Corona, CA…though he didn’t talk to us much, just said ‘hi’ and walked by. He did flick me off later that night. He was sitting with Matt from Chimaira on the balcony of the venue. I told Matt we were leaving, Matt questioned “already”? That was when Kerry flicked me off. “Holy shit, I just got flicked off by Kerry King,” I said to myself. Not much left to accomplish now. Roadrunner: Ha! For those of you who do not know, when we speak of Kerry King, we are speaking of Slayer’s Kerry King. Back to the road, how about the longest drive? Sean: Actually, right after Kerry King flicked me off, we had to drive from Corona (outside LA) to Joliet (Chicago). Drove straight through, except for gas and food, about a 30 hour drive. Roadrunner: And you were riding in? Sean: Sixteen passenger van. But we did have a mattress in the back, so a little room to sleep. Roadrunner: Nothing but the best…And you slept? Sean: Slept about six of the thirty hours. Roadrunner: How about your longest sleep on the road? Sean: I’ve never really slept that much on the road, but when I get home, that is when it happens. Last time back home for a break, I slept for 22 hours straight. When I woke up the next day, I felt great. A state of euphoria. Roadrunner: How about eating habits on the road? Sean: Daniel (vocals) and Sharon (guitar) like Subway a lot, freak out when we see one. But most of the time it’s truck stops, cold sandwiches. Sometimes Burger King or Taco Bell. We try to eat healthy. Roadrunner: Sounds great. Sean: But, you can’t shit on the bus, and half the time can’t shit in the club because it’s already filled. So, bathroom is a bit of a problem on the road. I, personally, am eating less to shit less. Roadrunner: Recording your debut Untitled, the toughest song for you? Sean: Ahhh no, studio went smooth. I actually did all my bass tracks in two days. The gods of bass came down and blessed me with the power for a few hours. Roadrunner: And what did you do with the rest of the month you spent in El Paso? Sean: Played pool and drank. Got really good at pool. Roadrunner: And drinking? Sean: Not quite there, yet. Roadrunner: On the road, do you find you drink every night? Sean: Lately, yeah…we’re not a big party band, but ever since this 2nd half of this Mushroomhead tour, we’ve been drinking a bit too much. Now that Lamb of God is not on the bill anymore…they used to drink all the beer, but now there is plenty left for the rest of us! A bit too much. Roadrunner: Twas checking out the Behind The Music on Ozzy last night. Would there happen to be any hidden messages on Untitled? Sean: Subliminal? Roadrunner: Yep…and I’m the one asking the questions here… Sean: You have to listen to it and find out if you start acting strangely. We’re not responsible for any unusual behavior after listening to our album. Roadrunner: Last cd purchased? Sean: Last cd I bought? Shit, Shit, Shit…oh, Ramones, Anthology. Roadrunner: Last cd for free? Sean: Ahhh, let me look in this bag here (filled up on music whilst in Roadrunner office), Killswitch Engage. Awesome cd. I was a fan of their’s before Roadrunner signed them. I might be mistaken, but I think it was Dallas from God Forbid that said this is the best metalcore album…and I probably have to agree with him. at this point Sharon (guitar) walks by, “talkin’ more shit about us online,” she asks with a laugh? Roadrunner: Band that got you into music? Sean: ahhhh…ahh…ah… Roadrunner: Thank God this isn’t being videotaped… Sean: Probably Nirvana. Nirvana and Metallica “Right On,” Sharon chimes in, as her and Sean slap hands. Roadrunner: All right, one last question and we’ll let ya get ready for tonight’s show, is 5.0 a font or a Mustang model? Sean: A what or a Mustang? Roadrunner: A font or a Mustang model. Sean: Ha! It’s a Mustang model. We’re all about rock, hot women, and fast cars. None of us drive a Mustang, but we all wish we did. It was either call us Five Pointe O or Raw Horsepower…but Five Pointe O was a bit catchier. The rest of the hippies in the band say it’s a spiritual thing, but it’s really about rock and cars. O of course, Sean’s answer to the last question was purely said in jest. Roadrunner: Ha…that’s good. Quick. We’d like to think Sean for his time, and wish him and his band the best of luck tonight, and throughout the rest of their touring travels.


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