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Acey’s Guitar Clinic #4

Posted on February 12, 2008

Murderdoll Acey Slade was taking time out before Christmas to answer your guitar related questions! You’ve read #1-3, and now it is time for the final installment, #4. 12. What effects are used for the intro for White Wedding, can I play it with my trusty guitar digitech metal master and a big amp, no wah no phaser no added stuff? – Matt Sure, but it won’t sound exactly the same. When I did my clinics I did my best to do it clean so that everyone could ‘hear’ the notes more. 13. How did you learn the guitar, and do you think it’s hard to teach yourself, because I am doing that. – Crazydawg Crazydawg, well….I think having a teacher will help you get where you want to go more quickly. Do you have to…nope. I had a teacher who wanted to teach me all kinds of dumb shit, so I learned the basics from him untill I got an ear and could figure stuff out on my own. That’s what I did. But the good thing about having a teacher is that it’s someone to bust your balls and keep you on track. 14. My name is Steve, I’m 16, and from Western Australia and I am one of your biggest fans and can’t wait to get my claws on your re-released album. I am a guitarist deeply inspired by Murderdolls and I would be fucking grateful if I could get some genuine advice from you. My metal band is going all right, we have written several songs with a few awesome riffs. The thing we need help with is solos – how do you write a good solo to go with your song? I loved the solos in songs such as “Love At First Fright” and “Dressed To Depress” and if I could get some tips to help me write a solo half as good as those I’ll be happy. Hope to hear from ya. From a huge aussie doll fan, Steve Steve! We can’t wait to come back to Oz! Well for solo’s never forget that simplicity is not something to over look. I’d rather see a guy that can strangle one fuckin’ note than a guy that can play a billion notes and I can’t remember one of them. Remember – and you hit the nail on the head of the babie…. YOUR RIFFS – that is the first and most important part. THEN make your kick ass solo. 15. In the White Wedding chorus what’s the extra tab in the chorus and when it’s the drum and bass after the solo? – Steph It’s just bending some notes on the high E string with a micro synth. Joey and I kinda bend at different times so it’s kind of spooky. It’s basically that ‘key board’ type sound. It’s faint but it’s there….good eye!


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