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Acey’s Guitar Clinic #2

Posted on February 12, 2008

A while back we asked you to send in your guitar-related questions for Acey of The Murderdolls. An online guitar clinic of sorts, if you will. Acey kindly took some time out to answer a whole bunch of your questions, and here is part TWO of Acey’s Guitar Clinic. 5. First off I just wanted to say they every time I’ve seen you live you guys have ruled. But my question was: when I listen to alot of bands like Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall they all use this kind of ‘waah’ sound in their songs. Its not at all like the sound of a wah pedal, just writing it like ‘waah’ is the best way I can describe it. They use it alot at the end of a riff or in a solo. It’s really high up the neck as well, close to the 12th and 15th frets. It sort of sounds like it’s harmonics but you can hear them bend it sometimes so I doubt that it is. If you can help me great, if you haven’t understood any of what I’ve just said I don’t blame you, and thanks alot for your time. – Richard Richard- That is most likely a Whammy Pedal made by Digi Tech. The best example of this is Broken by Pantera…. I think it’s in that song….Tom Morello uses them alot too… anyfuck even if that isn’t the specific sound your talking about – that pedal is awesome! The other thing it could be is a forced or fake harmonic. Just listen to anything with Zakk Wylde and that’s the sound. This is done by hitting a string with your pick but letting it hit the side of your thumb a little bit. With some practice if you get them down you can jazz up any old lick. 6. What are the best type of strings to use? I play some pretty heavy stuff on my guitar but my strings always snap, I need to use a different type but I dont know what ones. – Stewart Well you could use heavier strings or it could be that the saddles on your bridge are not smooth enough. When you change strings next time take a look at the groove in the saddle – the part on the bridge that has a ‘v’ type notch. It it looks rather sharp have a guy at a shop file it down. Don’t do this yourself as if you file it down too much, you could fuck up the bridge completely. Otherwise, I use Dean Markley strings. For me they NEVER break and stay in tune very well. And lets face it… I’m not very nice to my strings…. 7. I’ve got a Les Paul standard guitar, and I’m really happy with the guitar, but I want to get a distorsion peddle, I’ve tried a few but im really confused about which one I should go for. I love the Murderdolls live sound, and I wondered if you could recommend a good one thats not too expensive. Thanks very much, Joanna Digi-Tech makes some awesome pedals. But Joey and I both use the overdrive of the Amp! This means turning the gain ALL THE WAY up. Sometimes you can’t get enough on a smaller amp so yea, a pedal is the way to go. Part THREE coming soon… Meanwhile, check out ROADTONES, and download yourself a polyphonic ringtone of The Murderdolls song I Love To Say Fuck – absolutely FREE for the first 50 people EVERY day!


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