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Posted on February 12, 2008

Within Temptation are set to release a special double DVD with bonus live CD package on November 21st, looking back over the last three years. Based around their massive selling album ‘The Silent Force’, which spawned the hit singles ‘Stand My Ground’ and ‘Angels’, the DVD package will showcase their amazing live presence as well as providing a more personal look at the band backstage and in the media. Their biggest live show yet was performing a special one-off homeland show on July 22 this year on the Java Island in Amsterdam. It is no wonder that the focus of DVD1 is the performance on Java Island. In front of ten thousand fans Within Temptation blew the proverbial roof off with a spectacular display of pyrotechnics, special effects, and costume – not to mention the inclusion of a torchlight procession, additional drummers and even a suspended gilded cage which singer Sharon den Adel performed in during the song ‘Caged’. Considering the number of elements and people involved with such a show it is no wonder that not everything went as planned though! Robert Westerholt, guitar, tells, í¢ä‰åñIt was up to me to give the sign for lowering the cage during the song and I gave it a little late, so you hear Sharon singing from behind the stage briefly while she is making her way back!í¢ä‰åŒ Minute details like this will go unnoticed by most and it is hard to spot any other irregularities because of the sheer attention to detail by the band. As a case in point, one of the cameras filming the show was positioned at the end of a catwalk leading from the stage into the audience. A canon shot myriads of paper confetti into the night sky but during one song some of the bits fell onto the camera. í¢ä‰åñThere was this striking shot I noticed when editing the material,í¢ä‰åŒ Robert laughs. í¢ä‰åñSome of the paper confetti had fallen onto the camera, and you see Sharon coming close to the lens to remove them! She virtually comes face to face with the audience, in quite a personal moment. The shot is unusual but we decided to keep it. It comes naturally to Sharon to take care of every possible detail. On stage she always gives 110% to her performance and to the fans. Even I am amazed how she never falters.í¢ä‰åŒ Such was the band’s desire to be closely involved in the making of the DVD that every shot was personally picked by Sharon. Robert elaborates, í¢ä‰åñSharon sat and watched all the material we’ve shot over the last three years – over thirty digital video tapes! The actual editing we had done but it was her decision which scenes made it onto the DVD. Not to mention mixing the audio that was also a lot of work!í¢ä‰åŒ DVD1 is rounded off with excerpts of the shows at the Belgian Rock Werchter Festival and in Helsinki, Finland as well as three of the band’s promo videos. DVD2 includes a wealth of backstage footage from the last three years giving a rare glimpse of the band off-stage as well as several ‘Making Of’ features, interviews, and extras. In total the two DVDs contain more than five hours of material – two hours of live concert and three hours of backstage material, videos and interviews. The bonus 75-minute CD features live audio from the Java Island performance.


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