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Posted on February 12, 2008

ROADRUNNER RECORDS proudly present… BAND QUESTION TIME When bands are on tour together, they get close and personal, infact probably too close for hygienic safety. Regardless we asked Twelve Tribes frontman Adam Jackson to get uncomfortably close to 36 Crazyfists frontman Brock Lindow for a one on one Q & A. The part of Magnus Magnuson will be played by Adam…. The results were quite frankly shocking. ADAM (question master) JACKSON: Who would win a fight between you and the dudes in your band – you, Mick, Holt or Thomas? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: Well over the years we’ve all managed to fight each other a few times, I think I have the most fighting experience which by all means doesn’t make me the toughest, but I’d still say go ahead and put your money on me! ADAM (question master) JACKSON: What’s the first album you ever purchased? What’s the most recent? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: The first album I purchased was Michael Jackson’s Thriller the most recent was Armor for Sleep í¢ä‰åñWhat to Do When Your Deadí¢ä‰åŒ. ADAM (question master) JACKSON: Where did the pulled-up socks with high tops and shorts style originate? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: Well I guess I’ve just always done it, no real explanation, I guess I just like the 70’s basketball look! ADAM (question master) JACKSON: I recommended a book for you to read last tour – recommend one for meí¢ä‰åŒ_ BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: Yeah the book I recommend for you is a book by Lance Armstrong called í¢ä‰åñIt’s not about the Bikeí¢ä‰åŒ. Totally changed my life! ADAM (question master) JACKSON: What celebrity/icon would you like to meet? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: I would love to sit down and have a few beers with the cyclist Lance Armstrong, people who are close to me know how much I look up to him. ADAM (question master) JACKSON: If you met God at the pearl gates what would you want God to say? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: Well I guess I would want God to welcome me firstly! And I would hope he knew how my faith got me through some heavy times!


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