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Posted on February 12, 2008

ROADRUNNER RECORDS proudly present… BAND QUESTION TIME pt deux! ADAM (question master) JACKSON: What direction is your new material going? Any surprises with the new music? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: The new material is definitely going to be staying in an uplifting, positive light, hopefully a little heavier and completely full of singalongs! ADAM (question master) JACKSON: You seem to write a lot about love and heartache – what’s the worst breakup you’ve ever had? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: The worst breakup is always the first time you get your heart broken into a million pieces. I think it’s essential for everyone to have it happen once in their life! ADAM (question master) JACKSON: Do fishing and playing rock n roll have anything in common? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: Well I draw a lot of inspiration from the time I spent fishing in my life: the alone time, the ferocity of the ocean and the stillness of the mountains are so much a contrast that songs are born from those situations. ADAM (question master) JACKSON: What’s in the future for 36 Crazyfists? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: The future is to continue to work hard in our dream we call 36 Crazyfists, make quality records and tour the earth meeting our friends. ADAM (question master) JACKSON: What’s your ultimate goal as a musician? What is left for you to accomplish? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: Well we have exceeded whatever visions we had for this band, but as goals are met, more are thought up! Australia and Japan, we’re coming! ADAM (question master) JACKSON: Now that you’re engaged – is it safe to say that you’ve found true love? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: It is safe to say that I’ve never felt so vulnerable and excited in my life. Truly blessed to be able to feel the way I do. í¢ä‰åñThanks jokes.í¢ä‰åŒ ADAM (question master) JACKSON: I’ve eaten Thai food with you a few times now and I got one question – what do you have against tofu bro? BROCK (the rock) LINDOW: Ha-ha, one of my favorite things is eating Thai food with my brother (Adam Jackson from Twelve Tribes), but tofu is for the people who believe in it! It has no business in my Thai food.


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