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36 Crazyfists name tracks for album

Posted on February 12, 2008

Here is the track listing for Bitterness The Star. 1. Turns To Ashes 2. One More Word 3. An Agreement Called Forever 4. Eightminutesupsidedown 5. Slit Wrist Theory 6. Bury Me Where I Fall 7. Dislocate 8. Two Months From A Year 9. Chalk White 10. All I Am 11. Ceramic 12. Circle The Drain 13. Left Hand Charity We know how you don’t necessarily like reading our opinions about upcoming Roadrunner releases…we can be biased, ja? Well, in regards to the upcoming 36 Crazyfists debut titled Bitterness The Star, the first review of this work is in. And word has it this is a “ground breaking record”, that it “smashes your perceptions of what a hardcore band or a modern rock band should sound like”, that it contains a chorus “as powerful as getting your balls caught in the zipper of your pants”, that this is a “heavy record period”, that this is a “heavy band period”, and even that “hardcore kids, metal kids, punk kids, and mainstream kids will find a common ground with this record.” Apparently, all of this is true…and none of the above quotes came from our mouth. Curious? Courtesy of the folks at www.megakungfu.com, the debut review of the debut 36 Crazyfists release is as follows: 36 Crazy Fists – Bitterness The Star (Reviewer: Derek) Forget trying to label 36 Crazy Fists. Remove the thought from your mind! Just understand, this is simply a record only this is a record you have never heard before. “Yeah, shut up Derek, you aren’t making sense!” Okay try this, think of the modern rock guitar sounds of Linkin Park or P.O.D! Now mush the guitars with the vocals from NORA, as well as the vocals from Our Lady Peace ! Then for good measure mix in some Poison The Well and maybe some emo! That would be the closest you will come to 36 Crazy Fists. Sound like a mess? Its not! “Bitterness The Star” is a ground breaking record that smashes your perceptions of what a hardcore band or a modern rock band should sound like! “Turn To Ashes” starts the effort off with a bang! The string work takes on an evil life of its own while Brock shows his dynamic vocal range. One second screams of agony, the next instant is Brock singing with a voice that says “Here me now!” Lyrics for your viewing pleasure: ” And everything’s still horrible since everyone still dies!” “One More Word” defines who the band is. The pace is faster in nature. Carl Severson (I truly believe he is the son of Satan) of Nora supplies a gut wrenching spine to the track, while Brock releases with an equal passion. What is fascinating is the guitar work. The division between hardcore and that modern rock sound is apparent! It really is a collision of genres! Truly amazing song! For the pit goers of America I bring you “Eightminuteupsidedown”. There are huge breakdowns in this song. Turn the dime over, and you have this hooky melodic section that allows Brock to show his voice for all to hear. But fear not, Holt unleashes more of those killer breakdowns, and even throw in some old school metal harmonics and squeals! Yummy! I think “Still Wrist Theory” is the most complete song on the record. The chorus is as powerful as getting your balls caught in the zipper of your pants. It is painful to listen to. To give you an idea of what I mean, read this: “Get the fuck out, stay the fuck out! It makes me sick (Im alright). Slit wrist theory stains us all…And caved the fuck in, and bashed the fuck in, its so old. Slit wrist theory stains us all!” Wait till you hear it live! Steve Esquivel joins the band for “Bury Me Where I Fall”. Not only is this a great name for a song, it is destructive. Steves low grunt compliments the song perfectly! Yet again a hooky chorus accompanies huge breakdowns! It would be very easy to compliment each track on this record. One through thirteen takes the listener on a journey! The whole process is a spit in the face of any label maker. This is a heavy record period! 36 Crazy Fists is a heavy band period! Hardcore kids, metal kids, punk kids, and mainstream kids will find a common ground with this record! Kids will dig this record period! And for you adult/kids like me you’ll love spinning it too! Derek’s Scale of 1 to 10: 10, One of those records that catches you immediately!


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