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Dana Dentata


Posted on February 12, 2008

Check out the review below of the upcoming Devildriver – The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand from www.BlogCritics.org: “A lot of people applaud bands like Lamb Of God, Chimaira or Shadows Fall as the top new metal bands of the new millenium. All are good bands, but for me, the best of the best is Devildriver. Their debut album was ferocious, yet showed great lyrical ability as well as devasting heaviness. That album slayed, but unfortunately, all of the focus was on vocalist Dez Fafara and his decision to end Coal Chamber and form Devildriver. Thankfully, that time has passed. All of those questions have been answered, and Devildriver has soldiered on and recorded their sophomore release. Without question, they are back with a better album than the first. THE FURY OF OUR MAKER’S HAND is a seething dose of devastation designed to establish them apart from the rest of the pack. For my money, the key to FURY’s brilliant sound is the work of Devildriver drummer John-B. This guy’s fast footwork and blistering multi-faceted beats drive each and every song on fury. Be it the Chimaira-esque “End Of The Line” or the flurry of beats that fly at you during songs like “Driving Out The Darkness”, it’s clear that John-B has stepped up his game big time. The same can be said for the guitar tandem of Mike And Jeff. While their sound is very similar to the last record, their downtuned riffs fuel the fire from which Fafara launches his painful wails from. Speaking of Fafara, it’s clear that thoughts of his Coal Chamber past no longer fill his head when writing. This music, and specifically his sound, has developed away from the few similarities that the debut release had with his previous band. Instead, he’s screaming as hard as he possibly can on many songs, while mixing his deeper groans in for effect. In essence, this material comes off closer to sounding like his arch-nemesis band Kataklysm than anything his past musical life had to offer. Songs like “Sin And Sacrifice” and “Grinfucked” are brutal in their vocal approach. Other songs, like “Hold Back The Day”, even feature some black metal (aka Dimmu Borgir) influences in them. Overall, Fafara sounds better and his surrounding cast has really grown from their debut. RATING – 10/10 – I don’t go perfect often, but this one is destined to land in my top 2 at the end of the year. THE FURY OF OUR MAKER’S HAND is as close to flawless as anything I’ve heard in a long while. If this band is going to explode like Lamb Of God or Shadows Fall did last year, then this is definitely the vehicle to make it happen. Brilliant release!” REMEMBER: DEVILDRIVER – THE FURY OF OUR MAKER’S HAND – OUT JUNE 27th


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