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Greetings Ghoulscouts

Posted on February 12, 2008

A little message from Wednesday 13 for you all...

Greetings Fiends & Ghoulscouts!

United Kingdom here we come, motherfucker! The Dolls have had a couple of months break, while Mr. Jordison worked on the new Slipknot tunes, but we are now back in action and rehearsing in a studio in the Valley, outside of Hollywood. We've never looked or sounded so cool in our fucking lives and to make it even better our studio is right next door to's that for a blast from the past?

We'll be creating some havoc in Hollywood this week - we're going to see Powerman 5K and Stone Sour tonight, shooting a video for WHITE WEDDING on Sunday (get ready for this!), playing 2 shows in the Hollywood area, then we're off to Japan for 3 shows with Balzac supporting.

Then get ready for us to take over the UK at Download, Madam JoJo's (we promise this will be insane, so come see this!) and much, much more. We want to meet everyone of you motherfuckers this summer and thank you for the support - so come track us down and say hello.


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