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Killswitch Your Wishes

Posted on February 12, 2008

Those Killswitch Engage boys never stop working! Even though his band are busy, putting the finishing touches to their untitled new studio
album, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz has started a new side project!

Adam (who also works as a producer) has teamed up with Unearth's Ken Susi (guitar and vocals), The Acacia Strain's Karrie Whitfield (bass) and Pictures Of Gabriel's Paul DeBenedictis (drums) for Burn Your Wishes.

The band have just issued a split EP with The Awards on Milk And Cookies Records. Log on to for more details.

Adam's side project comes in addition to KSE frontman Howard Jones' also fronting the mighty Blood Has Been Shed. Killswitch Engage's as yet
untitled third album will be released in early 2003.

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