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Coal Chamber's Headstones

Posted on February 12, 2008

Be sure to head over to the MUSIC page and up pick a new MP3 just posted... Headstones And The Walking Dead, by Coal Chamber - taken from the forthcoming album 'Giving The Devil His Due' out August 25th.

Monte Conner, CC's A&R, shares the following:
"Originally titled 'Dramatic', this song was tracked in the autumn of 1996 during the sessions for the self-titled Coal Chamber debut album, but for some reason, vocals were never completed and the song has sat incomplete in some storage facility until recently when it was unearthed and earmarked for the 'Giving The Devil His Due' album. Dez went back this past May and added brand new vocals - vocals that are for the most part, more in the style he used on the Dark Days album."

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