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Posted on July 5, 2013

Bands don't come much more brutal than Deicide! Unrelenting death metal, guttural growls, harrowing shrieks, anti-religious themes, bomb scares & squirrel homicide. Releasing their first 6 records on Roadrunner, Florida's Deicide have certainly never been ones to shy away from controversy. It is reported that frontman Glen Benton branded an inverted cross on his forehead at least 12 times. Listen to all classic Roadrunner albums right here!

Legend has it that Deicide joined Roadrunner after Benton stormed into the labels office with a demo & the words "sign us, you fucking asshole!" Originally known as Amon the band released a number of demos before officially becoming Deicide & releasing their self-titled debut album in 1990. The album featured the tracks 'Deicide' & 'Mephistopheles' which had both featured on their 1989 demo Sacrificial. The record deals with satanic & anti-Christian themes as well as taking influences from movie The Evil Dead & Charles Manson. Benton claims that no effects were used on his voice during the recording of the record & many argue that it is the bestselling death metal album of all time.

Decide was followed by the bands sophomore album Legion in 1992. This is a seminal fan favourite & considered by the band to be the most chaotic & ambitious of their career. If you fancy scaring yourself, play the first track on the album backwards & see if you can hear the subliminal message!

1995 saw the release of the bands EP 'Once Upon The Cross'. Recorded again with Scott Burns the record featured samples from Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation Of Christ. 1997 witnessed the release of 'Serpents Of Light'. The album which featured a track of the same name was reportedly written about a friend of Benton's who had died. The band's first live album 'When Satan Lives' was released in 1998. Recorded at the House Of Blues in Chicago the album features 17 of the finest tracks from the bands catalogue to date.

2000 saw the release of Deicide's last record with Roadrunner. 'Insineratehym' saw the band slow the pace down in favour of darker grooves. Click here to listen to all these incredible records on Spotify!



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