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Posted on March 21, 2013

To celebrate the release of the 7 epic Complete Roadrunner Collection Box Sets we are rocking a different playlist each day this week. On the doom box today we have American death metallers Decide!

Click here to listen to our Decide Spotify playlist which features these smashers! First up in 'When Satan Rules His World' from the bands 3rd studio album 'Once Upon The Cross' which was originally released in 1995. 'Decide' & 'Lunatic Of Gods Creation' are taken from the band's debut release, 1990s self-titled album. The s/t is considered by some to be the best-selling death metal album of all time. Vocalist Glen Benton claims that no effects were used on his vocals whilst recording the record. Up next is 'Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daeman' from 1992s 'Legion' which features a backwards message 20 seconds into the song. 'Legion' is considered by many fans to be the bands best work. The playlist closes with 'Serpents Of The Light' from the 1997 album of the same name. The track deals with what the band believe to be the flaws in contemporary Christian culture.

All sets, feature each album in an individual CD paper-sleeve with original artwork, housed in a clamshell box. The albums are neatly packaged together in one place, giving the listener a blistering slice of metal history, and an in-depth look at each band's evolution. The album boxes will also be available through iTunes and all good digital retailers.

Deicide: Roadrunner Collection Cuts
1. When Satan Rules His World
2. Deicide
3. Lunatic of God's Creation
4. Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon
5. Serpents Of Light

You can get a physical copy of the Decide Complete Roadrunner Collection Box Set from Amazon or digitally on iTunes.



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