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Posted on March 19, 2013

To celebrate the release of the 7 epic Complete Roadrunner Collection Box Sets we will be rocking a different playlist each day this week. On the stereo today we have one of the world's most important & successful death metal bands - Obituary!

Click here to listen to the Spotify playlist which includes the following classic tunes. First up is 'Slowly We Rot' taken from 1989's album of the same name. Considered by fans to be the bands heaviest release, 'Slowly We Rot' is the only album the band recorded in E standard guitar tuning rather than D standard. 'I'm In Pain' was the opening track on the bands most successful release to date, 1992s 'The End Complete'. Up next on the playlist is 'Final Thought' which was originally released in 1994 on 'World Demise' & was produced by the band & Scott Burns who also worked with Napalm Death, Decide & Cannibal Corpse. 'Chopped In Half' is taken from 1990s 'Cause Of Death'. The album featured Death guitarist James Murphy & cover art which had originally be planned for Sepultura's record 'Beneath The Remains'.  The final track 'Don't Care' from 'World Demise' was released as a single only in the US only along with the tracks 'Solid State' & the previously unreleased 'Killing Victims Found.'

Obituary: Roadrunner Collection Cuts
1. Slowly We Rot
2. I'm In Pain
3. Final Thoughts
4. Chopped In Half
5. Don't Care

All sets, feature each album in an individual CD paper-sleeve with original artwork, housed in a clamshell box. The albums are neatly packaged together in one place, giving the listener a blistering slice of metal history, and an in-depth look at each band's evolution. The album boxes will also be available through iTunes and all good digital retailers.

You can get a physical copy of the Obituary Complete Roadrunner Collection Box Set from Amazon or digitally on iTunes.



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