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Posted on February 12, 2008

On a night described by member Chris Spicuzza as being "cold as fuck," Chimaira played their 3rd Annual Christmas Show at The Odeon in Cleveland. The band ripped through sixteen songs, including three new tracks - "Stigmurder," "Power Trip," and "Pure Hatred." In fact, word has it the crowd was singing along to "Pure Hatred" by the second chorus...a new song which the band never before played live.

A couple other surprises from the night? Chimaira tattoos. For those of you sporting one at the show, the band did take note. What else...people traveled to Ohio from places as far away as Oregon, Iowa, Detroit, Chicago, (the streets of) Philly, Indiana, and NYC. What else...ahh yes, guitarist Rob gave an early Christmas gift to the crowd, throwing out one of his ESP guitars at the end of the was a mob scene, we tell ya...

Onward and Upward...on the Chimaira recording front, all recording is complete for the upcoming The Impossibility Of Reason release ceptin' for vocals and samples, which we hear are about 50% complete as of now. Fourteen songs have been/will be recorded in total...

And now, before we leave you with this update, the full set list from Chimaira's 3rd Annual Christmas Show:

This Present Darkness
Let Go
Force Life
Painting The White To Grey
Sp lit
Lend a Hand
Pure Hatred
Power Trip
Dead Inside

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