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Posted on February 12, 2008

Best Day of My Life – Part 2
Pretty much a month has passed now since I won the bidding for the VIP
Tickets and Backstage passses to the private Nickelback gig in New York.
Probably one of the main things that I've been doing is trying to pay for
the damn things! Handy hint for anyone who buys anything on eBay that
amounts to a considerable amount of dosh – don't try using their PayPal
online payment system! I literally wasted two and a half weeks trying to pay
using my credit card on the PayPal system. Never again! Utter nightmare!
Basically, even if you OK everything with your credit card company, if the
amount you're trying to pay is considered 'considerable', then the PayPal
system itself can refuse the transaction due to 'unreasonable risk'. It's
all part of their automated anti fraud system apparently, and its something
that cannot be manually overridden (I know this because I called PayPal in
California!) Anyway, because of all this delay, I started to panic and I was
convinced that the tickets would be re-auctioned as it was getting
dangerously close to the 14 day payment deadline. In the end, after numerous
emails between myself and Treana Peake (thanks Treana for assuring me that
the tickets were most definitely mine and that it didn't matter if payment
was a bit late), we decided that a new line of attack was called for. Off I
went to the bank and set up an international money transfer. So hopefully,
all is now sorted.

I booked our flights to New York just before Christmas and me and my
boyfriend fly out on the 18th January. We thought that we'd take full
advantage of being in New York and do the full tourist thing. We've got our
Rough Guide to New York City, comfy shoes, warm coats and woolly hats. Not
very rock n roll I know, but apparently the temperate in New York is –3
degrees on average during January so warm apparel is definitely required.
Still got to book accommodation, but I'm waiting to find out exactly where
the venue is in New York, so I can book something fairly close by.

Finally got round to telling my parents about it all. They weren't as
shocked as I was expecting! I think they already knew that I'd entered my
'mad, do crazy things, I'm approaching 30' phase. Mum was just worried that
I was going to run off with Nickelback (Chad specifically) and be a groupie.
I told her to breathe deeply, relax, not to worry and that I thought I'd
read somewhere that Chad preferred blondes rather than brunettes, so him
running off with me was a bit of a long shot :-)

What else? Oh yeah, having a major girlie panic about what to wear for the
gig. I have problems even when it's a normal night out, let alone a night
when I'm actually going to meet Nickelback. No doubt between now and then
I'll change my mind about a thousand times and will then go back to the
first outfit I picked out. Needless to say, the colour black will probably
play a major role and big, high heeled boots as well – can't be a complete
short arse when I stand next to Chad :-)

WOW, standing next to Chad…oooohhhhh….sorry, it all went a little bit funny
then. It all still keeps hitting me like a tidal wave. I have alternating
waves of excitement and panic. I keep watching the Live at Home DVD and just
end up drifting into a Chad induced trance! Blimey, its all a bit silly
really. I'm 29 years old and behaving like a complete girlie. I keep
wondering what its going to be like – best day of my life or worst? What if
it's a complete disappointment? What if Chad and the guys turn out to be
real arses? Sorry, that's the 'worse case scenario' side of me talking. I
think in my heart I know it will be a great night and after reading Verity's
account of meeting Ryan and Chad after the Sheffield gig, it sounds as if my
heart is right.

I still have very little idea of what I'm going to say to them or what I'm
going to ask them. I think even if I did prepare a load of questions, I'd
just forget them all as soon as I was there. I'm just hoping that it'll all
happen naturally on the night. If all else fails, I can just get them all
completely shit faced (especially Chad) and then it won't matter if I talk
complete and utter bollocks – no one will notice! :-)Wonder how many beers
it takes to get Chad drunk?

Watch this space for Best Day of My Life Part 3: A Night with the Greatest
Rock Band in the World.

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