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Wednesday 13 On Friday 13

Posted on February 12, 2008

Friday 13th June... did you do anything special? Well, the Murderdolls' played a show in a bullring in San Sebastián, Spain in front of 12,000 Iron Maiden fans!

Here's what Wednesday 13 had to say about it...

"Playing with Iron Maiden is fucking hard. It takes the audience about three songs before they know who you are, and they kind of look at you
like they've just found a turd in the punch bowl!"

As for a pre-gig ritual...

"I've gotta go and do our chant... Everyday before we go on stage we lock ourselves in our dressing room and sing this one particular Kiss song - 'All American Man'. We sing and shout the first half and then play air guitar and air drumming for the rest of it!"

Did you know? That night the moon was full... and it was the biggest full moon seen in Spain in 109 years!

Check out our exclusive photos of the event in the Murderdolls Photo Gallery HERE.

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