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Nickelback At Slaine Castle

Posted on February 12, 2008

SLAINE & A SINGALONG - So you know that Nickelback played at Slaine Castle with the Stereophonics yes? Christine was lucky enough to make the show...

"Hi, Just been having a read at the Nickelback page on your website. After reading the various comments from other people, I thought that I should share my thoughts. I was at Slaine 2002 and Nickelback were FANTASTIC. I cannot praise them enough. They were definitely by far the best band there. I also wanted to share something quite amusing with you all. I first heard of Nickelback when their single How You Remind Me was released. I actually went and bought Silver Side Up for that one song - something I never normally do and from that moment - I was hooked!! I have since bought Curb and The State as well. However, I was listening to my Silver Side Up album one day when my three year old daughter came in and started to sing along to the words - I thought this was so hilarious. Since then, every time she sees Chad Kroeger, she says "how you remind me man" A true Nickelback fan at three years old!!! She has since then started to sing along to most of the other songs on Silver Side Up - especially Too Bad. I really hope that Nickelback are coming back to the UK soon and I can't wait to see the DVD when its released in October. Keep up the Good Work!" Christine

Out of the mouths of babes.. and only 3 years old. Too cute. Definitely a contender for the youngest fan out there title. Thanks Christine.. sounds like she shares your great taste!

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