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Posted on March 2, 2012

US comedian DOUG STANHOPE caught up with Glasgow website 'The Skinny' recently and they discussed his hate for London and what he thinks about the Scottish Government announcing plans for a referendum on the issue of Scottish Independence. The funny man did the phone interview from the comfort of his bath tub and dropped corkers such as:

"I hate London. I hate London more than anything in the world"

"I mean I don't drink for the flavour but you guys drink like you've got a gunshot wound and you need to kill the pain immediately"

Write it up however you like and feel free to include giant lies! If you put in whatever you want, say that I said them, and I'll back you up. Makes the creative writing process more fun"

Read the full interview by clicking here.

Point your mouse in this direction to find dates and tickets for Doug's upcoming UK tour.

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