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Posted on February 18, 2014

As MusicRadar rightfully point out "You'll never get them to say it themselves, but Killswitch Engage played a major role in the emergence and resurgence of modern metal." In this great new piece, the guys at MusicRadar sat down with Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel to get some helpful tips on mastering metalcore!

The guys had this to say on the subject of writing new songs:

Joel: "We eat a lot of pizza! That always seems to happen when we're writing for some reason!"

Adam: "When I'm writing, I sometimes like to not have my instrument and just write in my head. I find that better ideas come out of that. Then I sing it into my iPhone - always - that's the best way... I think when you force songs out, they don't come out as good as when they're natural and inspired."

Read the full article on MusicRadar.

You can get your hands on the CD of KsE's latest album 'Disarm The Descent' right here on Amazon or digitally on iTunes. Alternatively you can stream the album in full right here on Spotify.


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